--Bitter Jealousy--

How could she strike this chord?

The dissonant chord of jealousy?

Throwing off my natural harmony.

Negating many years of emotional tuning.

But she is only a friend

As, like-wise, am I

So what then invoked this jealous threat?

Most certainly not the chance of something more.

I want to say it's the intensity,

Knowing that your bond is stronger than ours.

At least before I was privy to sensitive information,

But now so is she…

But it can't be that, the timing is off

The mere mention of her agitated me.

Like she was invading my territory

But what type of friend am I to claim you as territory?

I guess my head says I can be content as friends

Even though my heart disagrees.

I ignore it, thinking I'm doing what's best,

But her name breaks the block

Overpowering my mind and body

And I sing the clichéd song of bitter jealousy.