Freak, weirdo are the most common words used to describe me, a 16 year old girl at high school. Sure I don't do myself any favours wearing men's stripe shirts and mainly second hand clothes, hair pretty much shaved off except for long piece that hangs down front of my face. I mean how else can a girl express her individuality. So the day to day ritual of being picked on, bullied, harassed and the occasional thumping is nothing new to me. Yeh I'm sick of it, you can see why kids go to schools with guns, knives and dream about killing all the kids and teachers you hate. The difference between me and those other kids, I wouldn't dress up, I'd just go in as every other day except surprise and 'bang' their all dead.

The locker next to me slams shut waking me out of my day dream. I shut my locker and looked to my right. There she was, one of the school's favourite swimmers… Miss popularity, Miss Claire Stevens. All the guys wanted her, heck I wanted her. I smile as she looks in my direction.

"what are you smiling at freak. Don't even think about speaking to me either"

I closed my mouth before the words could come out and watch her leave. I rest my head against the locker and moan to myself just once I wish she would say something nice to me.

It was my free period and most good nerds go off to the library and read, but I'm not a nerd. Ok I love reading and drama but that doesn't make me a nerd. I think of myself an explorer so when I first started high school I searched out hidden places where I could be alone. So underneath school is an old boiler room, two accesses one from behind school property, it runs underneath the school. The other door leads out into the library which is blocked by bookcase. So really there is only one entrance and I have the key.

I shut the heavy door behind me and turned the light on. The old engines haven't been used since new, modern heating was installed ages ago. There was no natural light, only one bulb in middle of room. It gives off an eerie effect when you swing it.

I opened up one of the boilers and pulled out my rug and latest reading. It just happened to be a girlie magazine with P!nk on the front. I have an hour to relax until my next class.

I looked at my watch and growled in annoyance when I heard the heavy door creak open, then closed.

I looked up at the intruder and got to my feet. "Your late" I growled, practically spitting

The figure came into the light and grabbed me stealing a long kiss. She stepped back and laughed "You know I was training Rach"

I could smell the chlorine in her hair as we stayed close "Claire Stevens you drive me nuts, you organise these little sessions and then arrive almost when its time I have to go."

Claire pulled her top off already exposing her breasts to me "well how about you stop talking and make use of what time me have left darling."

The words melted my anger and I instantly attached to her perfectly formed breast, biting down on the nipple. The sound of her pants filled the room as I worked up to her lips. We kissed hard, fighting to get each other's clothes off. I pushed her down and feasted between her legs, she was wet, she always arrived wet from the anticipation of our 'passion sessions' as she calls them

"oh Rach, yeh baby that's it. Oh god I've wanted you all day" Claire moaned. She was never very quiet during our sessions.

I licked and drank, chasing her engorged bud around. She burst over my face and clamped her legs trapping me to her pussy. I finally surfaced and we kissed again, she moved on top. She was heavier than me, physically stronger than me….. but I was always more dominant. I held her back

"Rach, fuck sake we don't have long"

"I know….." we kissed as she inserted her finger, followed by a second. I clamped down and started riding them. My body reared as she fucked me with her fingers. I was almost there

The sound of the siren was loud indicating change of class. You could hear the feet over head, lockers crashing.

"don't stop…." I growled

"Rach, come on, stop being greedy" she removed her fingers from my cunt and pushed hard at my clit, forcing my climax. I sat up disappointed at the abrupt ending, but also admiring as she lick her fingers.

"I don't taste like a pool, do I" I cooed

"No you don't, but I am going to go down on you one day"

"Yeh yeh, you been promising me that for like since late primary" I got dressed

"blasted, I already used my spare panties" Claire in annoyance

I reached into my bag and pulled out "here you go, and I wash the pair you have there"

Claire threw them at me.

"Ok I have to go" Claire kisses me and starts to leave. I refuse and just hold her, resting my head to her shoulder. Claire wraps her arms "baby…. I really have to go"

Promise me one thing Claire…. "talk to me at the lockers, say something nice just once"

Claire broke the hug "I love you Rach…. You know that but we are in two different culture up there" points to ceiling. "There's my reputation to keep. I can show you I love you, I can't do anymore than that. I have to go, same time Friday. I won't be late, promise" Claire rushes off.

I groan and lean against the wall. Friday…. It was only Tuesday.