"From One To Another We Drown"

-by Shayne Edwin Pruett


from one to another - we drown.

and if this is what it feels like to live in the clouds,

consider me undone.

i got the sun tattooed on my tongue,

to shout sunlight at you every day.

breathe appreciation into you every day.

consider me airborne.

ants of the sky; we dream,

fixed up on the running board,

sprint at the stars to scream.

from one to another - we rhyme.

and not just in words but in time;

we'll figure this out together,

inhale the stars together.

spread your wings to lie awake at night.

a gust of wind will drown us both,

we bust out windows to breathe in ghosts.

and burn artwork from beyond the coast,

to prove which ones we love the most.

dali / da vinci to keep us warm,

you are my art in every form.

from one to another - we drown.

they speak in color to tone us down.

and in blacks and whites we cry,

and i will never question why,

i love you.