"Diamonds For Eyes"

-by Shayne Edwin Pruett


your words came out in splinters,

shards of glass through broken teeth,

and all the whispers that we shared are buried underneath.

antiquated smile hanging on the bedroom wall,

flooding all our lungs with all the blood from which we called -

from the ashes, from the ashes!

distance from the glasses!

a bed of broken windows to surely satisfy the masses!

check under her bed at night and memorize her woes,

recall the things we came to love and all the things we loathe,

an hourglassed tangerine enveloped by a rose,

we fell in love so very fast, her head down to her toes.

original sin, originally seen,

a sight not sought by those who mean,

to distance themselves from all the dirt, the unsightly, the unclean.

people underneath the meaning,

hiding from the words.

from which they shout with all their heart,

an undeveloped world.

we may never know the things we always mean to say,

but i know now more than ever where we stand today.

this meticulous escapism will not go over well,

with any different kind of person, may i wish them well.

and maybe i never saw it coming - oh no, what a surprise!

maybe i was blinded by your blue diamonds for eyes.

your words came out in splinters - shards of glass through broken teeth,

and now i'll take a nap with all the words from underneath.