"Death And Taxes"

-by Shayne Edwin Pruett


Echo his thumb print ever after,

A razor-blade eternal.

Light switch to ignite the blaze,

A yellow-red inferno.

And maybe it's internal,

But some would say it's quite -

The opposite of on the in,

Out to be precise.

Poverty of philosophy,

Hero in the novella.

Fight to feed another day,

Live under umbrellas.

Death and taxes,

Death and taxes,

All we have is death and taxes.

Death and taxes,

Light your matches,

Underneath your girlfriend's mattress.

Death and taxes,

Death and taxes,

All we know is death and taxes.

And if we don't know any better,

You could say we prefer the lapses.

Shitty Christmas,

Shitty everything,

Nothing for the children.

John Wayne on our t-shirts,

Telling us to feed the millions.

Death and taxes,

Like in Texas,

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Death and taxes,

As in Texas,

Send me taxes texts in Texas.

And maybe it will wreck us,

Or maybe they will check us,

I just hope and pray at night,

They'll all forget to tax us.

I dream to sleep the illest,

I breathe to chill the realest,

And everything I've come to know,

Escapes the gateway's pillars.

Should I die before I wake,

I pray my soul the hoard to take.

Death and taxes,

Death and taxes,

I sleep to dream while you're awake.