"I'll Play The Broken Ribs"

-by Shayne Edwin Pruett


i'll play the broken ribs,

to bring out those crooked sounds.

an angel underneath the sheets,

will surely sparkle now.

the crooked sounds,

the crooked sounds,

she kissed above my knees.

to remind me of the ever changing,

landscapes and the trees.

i'll play the broken ribs,

to bring out all the dusty noise.

i know for certain i love this girl,

i hope she loves this boy.

and if ever you remember what it was like to kiss,

surely you'll remember the way that i grabbed your hips.

for every broken rib or broken sigh or broken song,

there will always be another place that we belong.

next time try to take some time and dream what i'm about,

before you rip out your own lungs just to let it out.