Read like torn out pages

There's tomorrow, no more sorrow

To be had

And every single space is

Just another waste of

Precious time

And if I follow through

This door I have not opened

Where'll I be?

Cause if it's just another empty

Sterilized hospital room

I won't bother with these chances

They're just dust in the wind

And every single day I

Try to follow through

With my plan to

Fit in for a much easier day

So I'll sing this song to

Get through to you

Let's hope it's not too late

And though my clock is

Growing weak as

The hours pas us by

If you'll just take my hand

When I try to stand

I won't walk away

All these excuses

I feed them to you

Almost every single day

And though I try to

Make it up to you

I can't find a way

I'm just feeling weak

Losing touch and

Forgetting why

But that's no reason to

For you to

Do the same as I

So take my advice

It's done so much good

I just wish I had too