Within The Stairwell

The faint echo of a drawn-out thunderclap

Murmurs just under the human psyche's

Addition to noise and chatter,

A steady reminder that all basics remain

Wholly unchanged in the face of time's relentless march.

And as if through a glass, I hear birdsong

High above my head in an obsidian sky

Snowflaked by the tense ribbons of lightning

Daring to cry out in defiance of every deity!

And…there is a patience on the breeze,

A soft sigh of tested love and unconditional surrender

To the whims of a race devoted to the

Fruits of youth and want.

That very presence reminds the loneliest of us that

So very little is needed…and yet…we want to need

So much more than we are given…

And above me, another brilliant thunderclap

Shimmers out through the delicate air,

Perhaps just the mere effect of

A child's impassioned plea…