Chapter I


Fear engulfed me as I lit the candles and called forth the sinister presences that had only ever existed to haunt my darkest nightmares. Face your fears. In my case an ironic statement, for my fear had a face, not that I'd ever seen it, born of shadow that's how it always appeared, as a shadow. A took a deep breath and began to recite the words of the old incantation. I could feel the air around me grow heavy the darkness grew darker. I gulped, and had a flash of regret. I should have never done this, it was dangerous to dabble in black magic.

Too late. All the candles flickered and extinguished at the same time. My body was shaking from the fear now. "H...hello." I called tentatively. Without human help the candles flared back to life, casting the room in a deep orange glow once more. I stifled a squeak of fear. Before me stood a figure cloaked in darkness. It held no shape, but seemed all the more dangerous for it. This was bad, what was I thinking, this couldn't possibly end well. The figure stood expectantly, unmoving, waiting, but for what? I gulped and hoped it hadn't noticed, to show fear when faced with it was surely lethal.

Presumable it got tired of waiting and was the first to speak. "Why have you summoned me?" The voice it used was raspy, and harsh sounding but at the same time it held all the richness and desire of velvet.

"I…I…I wanted to ask a favor of you, oh lord of darkness." I choked horribly over my words.

An amused cackle issued from before me. He found my fear amusing. "Why would I help you."

"That summons circle you're standing in means that you're bound to me and my bidding." I tried to inject authority into my words, but they sounded unconvincing even to my ears.

"Is that so, what is it that you want me to do then? Curse a bully, make someone…disappear mysteriously?"

"No, what I want is something a little different."

"Out with it girl, I have no time for this."

I recoiled at his poisonous tone. "I want you to bring someone back for me, someone who's gone."

"Just tell me who." He hissed in annoyance.

"My brother, he died, last month."

"I can't bring back the dead. Stop wasting my time girl."

The world around me became distant. I was certain this would work. "You're lying." I accused. "You're a demon. You must have the power. You are bound to me, I command you to tell the truth." My voice became desperate.

The creature gave and animal snarl and started to speak. "I can not bring the departed back."

"There must be some way to bring him back."

"There is a way, but it's not easy and to do it you'd need to let me free."

"Show yourself." I commanded hesitantly, not sure if what I was asking for was good. The figure melted out of the shadows and I sharply took in breath. It wasn't anything that I had been expecting.

He saw my reaction and smirked "I have no true form." He replied his voice younger sounding but still smooth as silk. "Not here anyway, but I can take on many. I could always change if you'd like."

"This one will do." I blushed slightly. I had been expecting some grotesque monster, instead a slender teenage boy stood before me. His skin was pale, like it hadn't seen sun in years, and his short white blonde hair was cut jaggedly in a tasteful way that fell into his eyes which were a cold mocking grey. He wore a plain black shirt that fit his body nicely hinting at the muscles beneath. His pants were also black and they were baggy showing only half his black sneakers beneath. A slim silver chain was wrapped around his wrist and another ran from his belt loop to back pocket. Small silver hoops was pierced into his left ear, lip, and right eyebrow. "Put this on." I slid a silver chain across the floor to him. He bent over and picked it up, his fingernails had remnants of black nail polish and on several he wore plain silver bands. He twisted the chain in his hands examining it closely.


"Just put it on."

"No." He said flatly.

"Put it on I command you." He winced at the words and clasped it around his neck with a shrug. I skimmed the open book in front of me and recited a few more words. He hissed in anger as the chain shrank around his neck and the clasp melted into it self.

"You've done you're research." He growled trying to get his fingers under it so he could tug it off, it wouldn't budge.

"Now you're bound to me out side the circle until I release you."

"Or you die." He spat venomously. I gulped.

"When I release you, you are not to harm me or anyone else, and you must obey all direct commands I issue."

"I know the rules." He cursed. "But do you."

"What do you mean?"

"We demons don't work for free. In exchange for helping you I get something in return."

"What?" I asked weakly,

"I'm not sure, your soul perhaps or maybe the life of a loved one. Think about what you're getting yourself into my dear, dealing with demons is never good."

"I'd give anything for my brother back." I said defiantly hoping that the words I spoke were true, I'd come to far to back down now.

He scowled, "Well then now that we're on the same terms, let me out of this stupid circle." I nodded and wiped away some of the chalked lines breaking the power that held him. Before I knew it I was pinned against the wall of the room his hand closing around my neck. The room began to spin and I was gasping for breath. I'd gotten the binding collar wrong it was over now. Suddenly he relaxed his grip and I slid to the floor struggling to breathe. "Remember this I'm not some servant to do your bidding, I obey no one." He spoke harshly his eyes burning as he glared at me. I nodded in understanding. He backed away as I got to my feet.

"What's your name?" I dared ask.

He turned to me and smiled wickedly. "My name, I have many but you human, can call me Damon."

"I'm Naomi." I replied not knowing what else to say. "So what are we looking for?"

"I'm not sure." He shrugged, losing his anger. "I've only heard rumors of it."

"Of what?" I was irritated at all his running around the subject.

"Death's Kiss, it's a potion of sorts, that can bring the dead to life. I make no promises that we'll find it."

"Then I make no promises to let you go." He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists in anger. That was the trouble with demons, they didn't willing accept being forced into service. If they could they'd kill you, if you were careless they will. "Where do we get this potion?"

He smiled a dazzling smile that made me weak in the knees. "I have no idea." I nearly fell to the floor.

"What?" I yelled. He only continued to smile. I was ready to punch him, and almost did, it's amazing how fast you forget your fear when it's disguised as a cute guy, bad idea. With lighting reflexes he threw me to the wall again.

"Don't forget, you may be in charge but I'm stronger." I flinched away, were his teeth sharper or was I imagining things. Satisfied with my reaction he released me. "You obviously have some books on demons, and witch craft, why don't we start there."

I nodded. "In my room."

"Lead the way." He purred. I stepped ahead of him with defeated confidence walking out of the abandoned basement and into the street. He followed wincing at the bright light that was the sun. I don't know what possibly compelled me to do so but I pulled out my sunglasses and handed them to him. He looked at them curiously and put them on his eyes. They fit him good, plain dark wire rimmed lenses nothing girly, I wasn't really the girly type. He didn't thank me, not that I expected him too, so I continued up the street walking towards home, the last place I wanted to be.

The street was nearly deserted, I lived in one of those middle of nowhere towns, the kind where everyone knows everyone, and the all avoid the new girl in black. That's right the new girl, after my brother died, my parent's needed a change of scenery. I'd been an outcast form day one. Was it any wonder I turned to a demon for help?

I looked at all the spotless yards, this wasn't where I belonged, it's not where I wanted to be. I sighed. Damon looked at me funny, but said nothing. The walk home took twenty long minuets of funny looks from anyone outside and an uncomfortable silence between us.

I stopped at my driveway and lingered there a bit before going to the door. I opened it hesitantly. My stepfather was asleep drunk on the couch, where I'd left him. I let out a breath of relief. He could get violent, and if he'd woken up when I'd been gone I didn't want to be me. I ushered Damon through the door and into my room closing the door quietly behind him. "So where do we start?" I asked.

He looked around my room. Dark clothing was thrown everywhere, my bed was unmade, and candle stumps littered the dresser. The curtains were drawn cutting off the supply of light. He took off the sunglasses, and ran his finger along the bindings of the books on my bookshelf and pulled a few down. He handed me some, "You read those. I'll read these." And he pulled a few more down for himself. I opened the book and began to skim the pages for anything that was Death's Kiss or bringing back the dead. Damon lounged lazily on my bed, flipping carelessly through the pages of his books.

Damon growled with frustration and tugged irritated at the chain around his neck. "What is this crap? Barely anything in any of these books is true. What did you use to summon me?"

I jumped a bit at his outburst and then tossed a small beat up leather bound book at him. He caught it without looking and flipped through it's pages. "This is better." He muttered, "But it's only basic stuff, we need something better."

"Like what? This is all I have." I whined, he ignored me. "What do you have in mind then Damon?" I watched his dark eyes flash over the words of the book and his mouth move silently to them. "Damon." I called again.

"What?" He looked up angrily.

I backed down. "Um…what are we going to do?"

He glared awhile longer then turned his attention back to the book. "I sure there's some where I could find the information, but I'll have to go alone. So you're gonna have to let me go for a while." He smirked victoriously.

I hesitated unsure of what to do, but in the end gave in. "Fine, you have a day to search but you have to be back here by sunset tomorrow and I forbid you from hurting anyone."

"Not that I could anyway." He muttered. "Well I'll be off, see you later girl." He smiled and pushed himself off the bed heading towards my door. He got there and it opened with out him having to do anything. At first I though he was using some supernatural power that would have been better then what it actually was. My mother stood in the doorway, surprise and confusion on her face she'd come back from work early.

"Who are you?" She asked.


"Well Damon, I suggest you go." Her voice was low and dangerous.

"I was just leaving." He turned around and winked at me. I felt the color drain from my face.

My mother stood in the doorway and stared at me until she heard the front door close. "What was he doing here, and who is he?"

"He…he's a friend from school." I lied, "We were studying." I pointed to the opened books on my bed and desk trying to prove it true.

She looked at me skeptically, but it seemed to be enough to convince her. "Next time he comes over you study in the living room."

"Jeff was sleeping in their." I muttered trying to give her a reason for my actions. She studied me and then left. I let out a sigh of relief, things could have gone worse.