Epilogue: All He Had Was His Soul To Give


Someone turn it off!

My head was pounding and that annoying beeping noise wasn't helping. I attempted to move and was over come by pain and weakness.

Where was I? What happened?

A lady walked in dressed from head to toe in white.

Was this heaven?

If this was heaven then why did I still hurt so bad?

She glanced to me and then to the clipboard in her hands, then back to me quickly as if not believing what she was seeing. The board fell from her hands. "Doctor! Doctor! She's Awake!"

I stared at her confused. So this wasn't heaven, it was a hospital. How was I still alive. Zak had stabbed me, I had died, I was sure of it.

She stumbled off in search of a doctor. Within minuets there was an explosion of people in the room. Cold hands prodded me and I flinched away from all the attention. I was too weak to protest anymore then that.

The excitement died down and most of the people left the room just as quickly as they'd came. I was left with the nurse from before and a stocky doctor.

"Naomi, honey," The doctor spoke gently, "Do you know where you are?" I nodded. "Good, now there are some people here who want to talk with you..."

Without further introduction Blake Winterfield and Victoria Brinks stepped into the room. I groaned at their reappearance, just who I wanted to see...not. Being injured as I was they took it for pain rather then annoyance.

"Hello again Naomi." Blake sighed knowing exactly how cooperative I could be. "Are you ready to talk with us now?"

I glared at the two and shook my head attempting to speak but my throat was too dry to form the words. The nurse understood my problem and tipped a plastic cup to my lips. I swallowed the water gratefully.

"Naomi," Blake persisted, "What happened? Where's Damon?"

"Go to Hell." My voice was raspy and unused, the words didn't have the desired deliverance I'd hoped for but the cops looked shocked all the same.

"This monster nearly kills you and still you insist on protecting him?"

"He's only half demon." I muttered to myself. "He saved my life!"

"He stabbed you! You were barely alive when we found you! How is that saving you?"

"No," I said weakly, "He didn't stab me." I sighed and looked out the window to the blue sky and sunshine and whished the sky was raining, I didn't want the happiness of a clear day, I wanted the world to be dark and gray, exactly how I felt right now. "I...I died and he, he saved me. The stupid fool!" I couldn't hold it back any more and tears streamed down my face.

There was no other reason for my being alive. Damon had sacrificed himself for me. Why? Why did he? Why?

He wasn't human, he wouldn't have died, but the goodness in him would have been taken. His soul stolen to replace mine. How could he have been so stupid. Now he was no better then all the other heartless demons, no better the Zak.

It didn't matter. I tried to convince myself of that. It didn't matter. I wasn't going to ever see him again. Never. And if by some small chance I did, he wouldn't be my Damon, he'd never be the same boy I loved, he'd never be the same. That realization was worse then anything.

"Please," Began the doctor, "She's just woken out of her coma, she's emotional and disoriented. It'd be best if you left. She needs some time to come to her senses. I'm sure she'll answer your questions later." He and the nurse shooed the detectives from the room. I put my head in my hands and sobbed.

He was gone, gone forever and he'd never know how I felt. Not that he'd ever felt the same.


It was safe to say I'd become more then depressed since discovering I was alive. Most people would be happy to have survived a near death experience with only a few scars. Not me, it was horrible knowing what I'd done to Damon. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror anymore. I couldn't meet anyone's eyes. I was more fidgety and jumpy then ever before, my eyes had developed a sensitivity to bright lights. The doctors said it was just from shock and recommended a psychologist.

The house was searched thoroughly, of course, I had been found there thanks to an anonymous tip. They found nothing at all. The basement was void of anything just as it had been when I was retrieved. No candles, no blood, no chalk, no tables, no chairs,...no bodies...no Damon. I was starting to doubt if anything had actually happened. Were there such things as demons?

One week later and I was being released from the hospital having made a remarkable recovery. Blake and Victoria had questioned me intensely several times. I told them nothing, only muttered "he's gone," over and over.

I waited at the door with my mother, Jeff was coming around with the car. Joy. I had on the same clothes I'd worn that day so long ago when Zak and Damon had their final battle. I refused to wear anything else. I put my hand into the pants pocket and felt a cool slim something slide in to my hand. I drew it out quickly. It was the chain! The chain that had bound the demon to me, the chain I'd taken off of him. It was all the confirmation I needed to know what had happened was real. That plain little chain was now the center of my world.

My life progressed and I wasn't totally freaked about living with them anymore. Since my disappearance my mother insisted on spending more time with me and getting to know me. Jeff was better too, he didn't drink anymore, the sight of beer made him sick. He still yelled, but didn't dare touch me. Damon had left a lasting impression on him that was for sure.

My life was better then ever and I felt like shit. Psychology wasn't working and I was on depression medication. My sanity was bordering on the edge of crazy.

I wore the chain everyday, and never took it off. I only thought of him only dreamed of him. It was slowly killing me. And this time he couldn't save me.

All he had was a soul. That's all he had, and he gave it to me. He saved my life and sent it to hell in his one last breath.

Was this what revenge felt like?

A/N: So that's it...the end. Or is it? I didn't like how short this was so I'm in the process of writing a sequel, a good portion of it's written, but updates on that might not come as fast because it's still a work in process.

Coming Soon: Fighting Shadows in the Dark
Naomi doesn't take the seperation from Damon well, in fact it drives her to try and take her own life. Emotionaly unstable, and considered delusional, she's checked into an insane asylum, where she meets new friends, ones who actually believe her and want to help. Determined to 'rescue' Damon she'll do anything, even go to Hell, but what if Damon doesn't want to be rescued?

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