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"I'm late for a meeting."

"I don't have time today, maybe tomorrow?"

"I've got to pick my daughter up in five minutes."

"The train is late again!"
"I'm so tired. I had to stay up all night just to finish that damn paper."

Have you ever really stopped to listen to people's complaints? The majority of them have to do with time. Whether directly or indirectly, everyone hates the fact that there's never enough time. No one really wants to admit that they know they could step out of the house one morning and just…die. Still, they all subconsciously know that it will happen. There's never enough time in their life because they have no idea how much time they have in the first place. Seventy to eighty years tops if they're lucky. But in a world of cancer and HIV not even that's for certain.

That's a bunch of mortals for you. They're never aware of how lucky they are. I've traveled threads of people's lives, seen how they connect, seen them use the time they've been given…it always depresses me.

Yesterday I came to the end of the life of one Benjamin James. He was on his way to work, per every day of the week. He had two beautiful little girls and a wife who was seeing his secretary's brother. He had no idea any of this was happening. There's was never enough time and he spent it all at work. This particular day, Mrs. James was leaving on a weekend with her two daughters. She was dropping them off at her mother's just as Ben James was climbing aboard the seven o'clock blue line train. She was going to meet her lover at ten, they had a Mexico cruise planned. Ben James had no idea at all. And he'd never care again, because that day, Ben James met Thomas Maxwell, a young man who was fairly desperate for cash. Thomas' sister was dying and if he didn't get the cash he wouldn't be able to save her in time. Thomas shot Ben. I watched as the business man and the young thief met. They didn't see me, but they never do. They share a connection that I will never, ever know. Neither them had enough time.

Thomas got the money and saved his sister, but she never got to see him again. He's rotting in jail. He won't be out in time to see her grow up, marry, have children, and die from breast cancer at the age of forty-five. Her grand-children weren't born in time to meet their grandmother who cheated death once. Remarkable woman. One of the lucky ones. Mrs. James married her lover directly after the death of her husband. She left her children with their grandmother. Later in life Alyssa James' daughter, Talia Locke met the son of Lucy Maxwell's daughter, Josiah Thompson and the children married. Funny how things happen.

All the intricate webs they weave in such a short amount of time. My thread remains straight no matter how many times I travel back and forth through their lives, trying to figure out how their so much more lucky than I when I have far more time than they do.

Time. I'm immortal. I remember everything in my loneliness that stretches out endlessly. Unlike the Maxwell and James clans who are now related twice over.

There is nothing magical about living forever. Don't ask for more time.

End transmission: Third Incarnation of Naomi Locke-Thompson subject two of the Human Immortality ProjectHIP (circa 2090)

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I wrote this on a dare to write something in ten minutes. It's short. It's not my best (at all), but it's interesting anyway. Tell me what you think!