Chapter Fifteen

I stared out the window, watching the snow lightly fall on top of the heavy snow already on the ground. With a sigh, I made myself sit up. It was Christmas Eve yet here I was, still stuck in Philadelphia. I hadn't been able to get on a plane to visit my parents in California. Nora was already visiting her family so I was in my apartment alone. I had taken off a week from my newest job at the Wawa for some family time and so far all I had done was spend the past two days stuck inside, waiting out the snow storm. It was so late now that even if by some miracle flights were rescheduled, I wouldn't be able to get to my family before Christmas. I wasn't sure it would be worth the trip to just go for a few days.

I looked at my phone, wanting to call Rayne. I picked it up, but just as quickly placed it back on its cradle. After I had stupidly informed him of Troy's letter, I could sense a difference in him. He acted as if it hadn't bothered him but it had to have. At least, I hoped it had. I hoped he was just jealous of the idea I was with someone other than him. The only other reason I could think he would be so indifferent to me was he had found someone new. Yes, I definitely preferred the idea of him being jealous over that. He barely called now. I had tried to make more of an effort and he did seem pleased when I called, but it was so hard. I didn't like pursuing anyone, especially a budding star.

Still, I had spoken to him to a lot these past couple of weeks. Maybe not as much as I wished, but at least he hadn't mentioned he was seeing someone new. I didn't want to know if he was living up to what the press wished and living the true rock 'n' roll life with all the groupies that came with it.

That idea was why I hadn't called his as much as I wanted to. Every night I wished to pick up the phone to hear his voice. I missed his presence. That scared me. I shouldn't be so attached to a man I wasn't even dating. That was why I wasn't calling him to tell him how sad I was. The last time we spoke I had said I would be at my parents by now. He didn't expect to hear from me till I got back. Again, I wanted to call him and have him cheer me up, but I couldn't do it. I was dangerously close already to thinking of him as my boyfriend: a title he didn't ask for or want. Calling him when I was upset was definitely boyfriend territory. It was better not to.

I continued to stare out the window, trying to will the snow to stop with my mind.

The phone rang at that moment, as if the person on the other end had known my earlier dilemna. I anwered it on the first ring. "Hello?"

"Sophie! What the hell are you doing home?"

My heart began to beat much too fast. "Rayne," I said, sounding much too breathless. "What you doing calling me when you thought I wouldn't be home?" I countered.

The happiness in Rayne's voice was replaced with suspicion. "Why did you lie to me? You didn't have to tell me you were going to visit your family if you didn't want to see me."

My heart plummeted. How could he think that? "No, it's not like that." I sighed in exasperation. "Isn't it snowing in New York as well? The weather is terrible so I couldn't get a flight out."

Rayne's voice was once again full of happiness. "Really? That's great!"

"Great?" I put a hand to my head in confusion. "No, it most certainly isn't great. I'm not going to be able to get out to see my family for Christmas!"

Rayne quickly spoke. "No, no. I didn't mean it like that at all! I just, well, I was calling to complain to you."

My eyes narrowed. "Complain to me?" What was he trying to say? "Are you drunk?"

He laughed, sounding still too happy in my opinion. "I'm not drunk! Listen, I was calling to complain to you because I'm here. In Philly. I assumed you wouldn't be here so I was calling to whine-"

I cut him off. "You're here? In Philly? Why?" He started to speak but I cut him off once again. "Oh tell me later. Where are you? I want to see you or you can come see me!" My excitement was uncontainable.

I ran to my hall mirror, frowning at my reflection. I probably should have thought about how I looked before saying that last part.

"You read my mind," he said huskily. "Give me your address. I'll be over as fast as I can in this snowstorm."

I quickly gave him directions as I ran to my closet to try and determine I should wear. It needed to be something sexy and alluring, yet look as if it was something I would wear around my apartment all day.

"Do you need me to pick up anything? Food?"

I paused, biting my lip. "Well, I am out of groceries. I wasn't planning on having to hold down the fort here in my apartment during a snowstorm. But I should probably just go myself." My desire to look sexy and alluring was fast going out the window.

"No, you stay at home and I'll get what you need. Shoot me an email and I can get whatever it is you need."

He was the perfect man. There was no doubt about it. My day of sorrow was now my dream come true.

After getting off the phone with him, I hurriedly made a list for him. I then took the quickest shower in my life, shaved my legs and put on my make-up. I then put on my dark fitted jeans 

and -bright yellow v-neck tank. I then proceeded to pull out an array of sweaters and jackets that I could wear over it. Nothing seemed right. I groaned, looking at the clock. I did not have time to be indecisive. I wished Nora was here to tell me what it is I should wear. I went back to the mirror, styling my short hair as well as I could. I looked towards my bedroom once before groaning and heading toward the living room. I raced around, cleaning up as fast as I could. The buzzer sounded interrupting my cleaning spree. "Damn," I muttered. I grabbed the first sweater in reach, my favorite old and ripped black hooded sweatshirt.

I raced downstairs to open the door, my smile widening at his winter attire. His huge jacket and hood left it hard for me to see his face. I could barely make you his big grin. "Hi," I simply said. I grabbed a few of the bags from him, moving out of his reach.

"What kind of hello is that?" he asked as he followed me up the three flights of stairs.

I laughed. "You look cold. I'm not getting snow on me."

Inside my apartment, I nervously looked around, praying I had managed to hide anything I might not want him to see. The door of my room was partially shut so he wouldn't see the mess I made when trying to figure out what to wear. I put down the groceries in my hand and then took his from him as he removed his jacket and snow boats.

I started to unpack the groceries, pleased to see all the items he got for me. My eyes lit up as I spotted my favorite ice cream, cookies 'n' cream peaking out of one of the bags. I reached for it, clutching it to me. "You got the ice cream!"

Rayne hung up his jacket on my coat racket. "You don't seem to care that that is cold!"

I shrugged, putting it away in the fridge. "Don't be jealous of my ice cream."

Rayne began to help me put away groceries. The two of us worked silently, quickly finishing what we needed to do. "Finally," Rayne said, staring at me from across the kitchen.

"Finally?" I replied.

Rayne smirked, crossing the distance between us hurriedly. "Finally."

He cradled my face, kissing me sweetly. "I missed you," I said breathlessly, leaning my head onto his.

He took my hand in his. "God, how I've missed you." He sat down on my couch and pulled me down after him. I sank onto the couch, leaning my head on his shoulders, content to just stare at him. "No, I don't think you realized how much I missed you." I turned my head, a smirk starting to form.

"Then why aren't you kissing me, you idiot?"

His eyes lit up and he was soon doing just that. The passion between was certainly still there. It seemed to intensify with our time apart. His kiss deepened as I pulled him closer to me. Soon he was pulling at my sweater as I in turn pulled his body closer to mine. It came off as he softly laid me back on the couch. His insistent lips on mine made it very hard for me to think of anything but him. I opened my mouth, taking in his moan as his kisses became much more insistent. His hands slipped underneath my tank top, one moving to the snap of my bra. My hands disappeared into his curly hair, my legs wrapping around his as I pulled him closer to him. My mind might not be certain of what it was the two of us were getting into but my body sure as hell knew what it wanted.

He paused, removing his hands from my body much to my disappointment. I glared at him as he just smiled at me tenderly. He slowly stood up, taking my hand. He pulled me with him.

"I want to talk to you, but I'm having a hard time doing that." He pulled me tightly to him once again, his hands disappearing beneath my hair to massage my neck. "Every time we're alone, it gets harder and harder for me to stay away."

My hands cradled his face. I couldn't hide the tenderness in my gaze I as stared into his deep brown eyes. "I don't want you to stay away." I paused, biting my lip as I looked away. "I've wanted to hear your voice every day you were gone. I hope I haven't been annoying you too much."

His hands moved lower down my body, disappearing into the back pockets of my jeans as he roughly pulled me closer. "I've wanted to hear your voice every single day."

"Then why didn't you call me?" I blurted out before I lost my nerve to ask the question.

He sighed, resting his forehead against mine. "I wanted to. I just, well at first I didn't call cause I was scared I would push away. Then I thought it might be better for you to have time to decide who it is you want. I will be a terrible boyfriend. I'm not going to be around a whole lot. I'll be playing music shows at night with girls throwing themselves at me all the time. When I'm awake you'll be asleep. I'll be around only when you are at work. Even when I am here, we live in two different cities. This relationship is going to suck," he said with another sigh. "You deserved the chance to get back together with that prick."

My hand slowly massaged his strong arms, moving further down his body before disappearing into the back pockets of his jeans. "I told you before. No matter what Troy says, I'm exactly where I want to be. With my favorite kissing friend."

Rayne's gaze was smoldering. "I think we're going to have to do something about that. I'm not sure I want to be your kissing friend."

I pulled slightly back. "What? Do you have another kissing friend?"

He smirked. "No, I just want you. I want you to know that and to be sure that I just want you."

I arched an eyebrow, moving closer to him. "Well, I didn't expect this when you came over." Though my heart was pounding, I attempted to pull off a degree of coolness. I might be shouting for joy but he didn't need to know that. Not just yet.

Rayne's head moved closer to mine. "You're my girlfriend?"

A giggle escaped me. "I can handle that."

"Good." His kiss was hard and intense. When he once again spoke, his voice was deep and husky. "Is there anything else we need to talk about?"

I kissed his neck, smiling seductively. For once I felt sure of myself. "I think we have had enough talking. I want to start," I paused, blushing hotly before I continued, "I want to start doing," I said softly.

Rayne didn't seem to need to hear anything else. He crushed his mouth to mine. The two of us kissed passionately as I led him down the hall to my bedroom. He opened the door and pulled away for a moment. I pulled on his t-shirt, lifting his shirt over his head. I admired his muscular chest for a moment as he examined my messy bed.

"What happened to your bed?" he asked.

I shrugged. "I couldn't figure out what to wear. I wanted to impress you."

He stared at me, his eyes hungry as he pulled me closer to him. "Anything you wear impresses me." He pushed off the contents of my bed. "You sure about this?"

I kissed him once more, pulling my shirt over my head as I pulled away. "What do you think?" I asked.

His weight hit me and I fell onto the bed with a laugh. "Take off your pants, girl," he said with a growl.

And I did just that.