Lost Love

The DeMarcus family moved into there new neighborhood a sunny, and warm summer's day. Barb DeMarcus clapped her hands together happily as she looked her house from the driveway. "Look kids! Isn't it lovely?" She exclaimed glancing over at her children. Bailey and Josh, looking bored, glanced at the house. They did not want to move from there old home, but like most parents, would not let them live in a refrigerator box out side the grocery store. "Look Josh, we have a yard for you to practice your soccer!" Josh dropped the soccer ball he was currently holding and passed it from foot to foot. He started to smile just a tiny bit. They didn't have a yard before. "Yeah, I guess it is pretty cool." Bailey looked over at her brother. She felt betrayed…and it sucked. She thought he was her only ally in this whole moving fiasco, but mention a yard and poof he's sold. "Bailey, honey, don't sulk please? Look how much bigger this is then the apartment! "Bailey crossed her arms and scowled at her mother.

She couldn't believe it when her parents first told her they were moving. Things were finally going they way she wanted. As usual though her parents had to mess that up.

It's like they have a sensor! "OH! Bailey's life is right on track! Come on hon, time to derail that train!"

Bailey's father, Jackson looked at her from over a bunch of boxes. "What are you scowling about? You were always whining that you didn't have enough space." Bailey glared at her father. Barb brightened up as an idea came to her. "How about you get first pick of the rooms Bails?" "What!?" Josh the younger of the two cried. Bailey raised her eyebrows, contemplating this idea. She started to smile, only a little so as not to excite her mother too much. "Okay." She started for the house in search of her new room.

Three rooms, two bathrooms, and a trip over a box later she found her room. It was in the corner of the house on the second floor. It was right near the garage, ideal for sneaking out (not like she was going anywhere though). It had a window seat, a closet, and a nice amount of space. Josh came in and looked around. "You claim it?" Bailey looked around once more. "Yup." She answered and sat down on the window seat.

After moving stuff in and out all day and having some dinner of take out her mom suggested she and her brother go look around. Bailey looked over at her brother, he shrugged and got up.

"Even you have to admit, this is pretty sweet." Her brother said after they started walking. She shrugged, "Whatever." "Aw come on! You even got the best room in the house!" "Yeah, BUT I don't have any friends here, I have no idea where I am exactly, and I have know idea what I'm going to do for the rest of the summer!" Bailey shot back.

They wondered in between an opening in the bushes. "Ah don't be such a pessimist." "Big word for someone who failed English." "Shut up Bailey! God!" Bailey laughed slightly then looked at her brother who had stopped. "What?" "Look at that." He started to walk in a different direction in the forest like area. She followed him, and then in a couple of minutes came out in front of a rundown church.

It was dark and creepy. It had a wrought iron fence with spokes and dark stained glass windows. It looked like someplace the devil spawn would be born not a place of sanctum. "Creepy much?" Bailey said. "I dare you to go in." Bailey looked at her brother like he was out of his mind. This was quite possible if he asked her what he just did. "No way." "Come on! Pansy!" he grinned mischievously. "Nu-uh!" "You needed something exciting to do right?" he said. "I'll even give you twenty bucks if you do!" Bailey glanced at him. "Just to go in?" she glanced over at the church again. "Noooooo! You got to go up to the window and wave at me." He pointed to the biggest window in the front of the church on the second floor. "Alright. But if something happens to me I'm throwing something through a window and you'd better come to get me!" Josh laughed triumphantly, "You won't do it." "Just have my money ready when I come back." She said already starting for the church. Her pace slowed as she came closer to the church. She wondered why she couldn't hear any birds or other animals.

Bailey looked at the door handle and slowly turned it., hoping her brother would call her back. He didn't so she entered. The front hall was dusty, and dark, with a few knocked over chairs. She could either go straight, too the double doors which probably lead to the sanctuary, or go upstairs. She glanced around her heart pounding and put her foot on the first step. It creaked loudly, and made her jump. She took a deep breath and kept going. She rounded a corner and at the top of the stairs she came face to face with a wooden door. She opened it and entered the room. It had a bed…and dressers and….things. There was a huge candle bra that was most likely from the sanctuary. She pulled opened one of the dressers and noticed there were clothes inside. Clothes that looked fresh, and just cleaned. Then she realized someone lived here. Her heart sped up even more, beating frantically in her chest.

She heard a creak behind her. "Elaine?" Came a male voice. Bailey snapped around, slamming into the dresser. She looked at the strikingly beautiful pale boy before her. He had longish black hair and dark eyes. He had a look of longing and recognition as he looked at her. Bailey was frozen against the dresser, her mind completely wiped of what she should do. The boy's lips parted slightly and he stepped forwards. "Elaine." He whispered. Bailey startled shot from her spot past the boy and down the steps. Her brother was waiting for her outside. "Ha I told you-" "Run!" she yelled running past him. "What's wrong!?" he yelled back trying to catch up. Something was off about that boy, Bailey thought, but she could figure out what, and how he knew her middle name.

Adrian stood in his room, looking out the window. He watched the girl and her brother take off through the tree's He was taken aback still, and couldn't move. He could have sworn she was his lost love, she looked just like her. He walked over to his bed and collapsed upon it, thinking about that girl. He had to find out who she is and if she just might be Elaine after all.