The Socratic Method

He's questioning them again and they frown in consternation.
His questions are like riddles they try to understand (but can't?)
Sometimes they give answers but they only lead to new questions
An endless line of provocative insight, so tediously infinite.

Some days they question his knowledge, then his sanity because
They cannot understand and so they misconstrue the daily dance
As stupidity and ignorance on his part. They want the full picture
And demand it now; today's society calls for instant gratification

And immediate satisfaction; but they know not what we've lost.

Socratic method The method of teaching in which the master imparts no information but asks a sequence of questions, through answering which the pupil eventually comes to the desired knowledge. Socratic irony is the pose of ignorance on the part of the master, who may in fact know more about the matter than he lets on.