Well, someone tried to rip off my story. Shocker, right? It's ticked me off, so I'm going to continue to write this and the other books on my own. I'm hoping to actually find someone to help me with this. If I can, maybe you'll see this on the shelves of a store someday. I hope so!

I really am sorry to those who actually liked it. I know I didn't update often, but, as soon as I go to update, I see that someone took my ideas. It upset me, but I took care of it. I'm still taking FLCW down, though. Don't hate me. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone trying to steal from you either. Besides, this has given me the motivation to try to DO something with FLCW. I don't want it to be a pile of papers in the bottom of my closest. I think it deserves more than that. It'll definitely be worthy of shelves if I can go through and edit thoroughly. I'm actually excited.

Wish me luck!