i test her sometimes
try to figure her out

tonight, she ignored me
so i ignored her on my way to the car

then i heard her voice
grinding against my eardrums

"bye, danielle"
she, like everyone else, used the name that i hate

the name that my parents gave me
that makes me cringe and glower

she hasn't called me that in ages
of course, she hasn't even talked to me in ages

it's stupid to be so worked up over a name
but there's so much in a name

everything rides on my name
my life is defined by danielle and stix

she wrote stix on the top of every note
it was our code

she was pockets
keygan was "bb" or "pudge"

janelle has perpetually been just nellie
but me, i've never had that sort of escape from my fate

it's so hard to explain
everything that i heard in "danielle" and not "stix"

everything changes
just by the name she calls me