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.With A Cherry On Top.

"Where. Is. He."

I had been absent of Jason's company for an entire hour now. An HOUR. The little bitch left me with these killer blue balls and he is so paying for this when he gets back. Through the use of rough, kinky punishment.

Though that might actually be more like a reward. Whatever, I can't be mad as him anyways, might as well do something that benefits my nympho needs. A wicked smile, like a Cheshire cat, turned the corners of my mouth as my sick, sick mind churned over any and all possible forms of said "rough, kinky punishment." Yum.

A bustle of movement from behind the thick wooden door shattered my cock-hardening fantasies (Jason…and handcuffs. Whoamygod.). The door slipped open and I barely caught sight of a few stray locks of dark hair before I was on my feet faster than you can say "rape." My eyes latched onto a pair of disarmingly breathtaking blue eyes before my hands found Jason's delicate little wrists and my mouth found his throat. I pinned him to the door, my thigh maneuvering between his as to spread his legs and one fist pinning his wrists above his head. His lips parted in shock and I took full advantage, my lips trailing from his lean neck to lay sweet yet demanding butterfly kisses along the cleft of his jaw and finally my tongue slid into his mouth. Ah, that mouth, it tasted like ambrosia, nothing less than ambrosia. Like God combined every sweet fancy of mine, every candy, every grain of sugar, and placed it on his tongue, waiting for me.

"Nngh," he whimpered into my mouth, and I could feel his knees weakening. My hips ground into his with even more conviction, and the bag that was dangling loosely from his fingertips fell to the floor with a thud. He whimpered again, a sexy little purr in the back of his throat, a devastatingly sexy recipe of pleasure and protest. I smiled against his mouth and withdrew a bit, our foreheads coming to rest and his eyelashes lingered against my cheek as he struggled for breath before raising them dazedly to meet mine.

"What was that for?" He said softly, his voice still choked, still hazy from pleasure. And that was nothing.

"For you being sexy," I responded cheekily, running my thumbs along his cheeks, a rich golden color beneath the pale red flush. "And for leaving me with this hard-on. You're evil, I tell you, evil."

He smiled and bit his full, swollen red lip. "Well, you might wanna re-think that, Engle. I got somethin' for youuuuuu. And I think…well, I hope at least, if you're into that kinda thing I mean…well okay I think you'll like this. Just wait…where'd it go? Did I - ?"

He stepped away from me, his eyes darting every which way and this adorable little pout dancing at his mouth that I almost couldn't resist to kiss. "Oh. There you are," he said to the fallen bag. So. Cute.

He picked it up and bit his lip again, and his eyes found me, and in those blues eyes an adorably shy expression resided. A sweet little blush dusted the apples of his cheeks.

"So…we've been havin' sex and all that for a while now an' I really like it an' stuff," he began softly, looking at me quickly before lowering his gaze back to examine the white tiles beneath his feet. "…And I dunno, it might be really dumb, 'probably is…but I just had this idea so…yeah, um…"

He flashed me another one of those fleeting glances, a quick glimpse of blue, and then he set the bag on the counter in front of me. It was one of those deep, brown paper bags like they sometimes give randomly at grocery stores. He reached inside and pulled out a carton of ice cream. He still wasn't looking at me, but his blush increased and then he pulled out a bottle of chocolate syrup. Followed by whipped cream. And sprinkles. And holy fuck…those little Maraschino cherries. He worried at his pretty pink lips some more and observed my reaction quietly as I picked up and looked over these objects…objects sent from Heaven (Jason was the angel, of course).

I chose to pin him to the counter and plunge my tongue into his mouth as my reply of gratitude. Judging by the rather slutty moan that greeted this assault, I believe it's safe to say that this was one expression of thanks that Jason enjoyed.

"Mmmm…so…I'm guessin' you uh…like it?" He laughed, that goofy Felix laugh, at my eagerness.

"You. Are. Amazing." I spoke between kisses, enclosing his wrists within my fist once more, my thumb running along his racing pulse, admiring the fine, frail bones at my mercy beneath his skin.

His eyes sparkled up at me, somehow still so innocent, and I was suddenly burdened with worry. Jason just spawned this unconquerable urge inside of me, this urge to just ravish and lose control and take him, hard and rough and God, Jason. He was just so beautiful, so innocent, yet it would be too easy to just have my way with him. But I didn't want that, I didn't want to hurt him, or corrupt him, I just wanted to love him.

I released his wrists and just kissed him, the sweetest and most gentle kind that I could give. I cupped his face, my thumbs tracing the corner of his mouth, still swollen from the intensity of our previous kisses. "Oh, Jason…" I breathed. "The things I wanna do to you…"

"Do them." He whispered. My breath caught in my throat for a moment. His voice, so unexpected and sudden like that, in all its beauty, could take me off guard. Then to further startle me, his hands were suddenly pressed against my chest, pushing me backwards out of the kitchen and onto the couch.

He giggled playfully and pounced onto my lap. Like a little kitten. "Rawr…" He growled and placed his hands on my hips. My eyes widened as he toyed with the hem of my shirt. Tease.

Then a comical cloud of realization passed over his features. "Wait. Wait, pause…don' move David or I hurt you…" Jason sprung off of my lap and ran into the kitchen, returning moments later bearing armfuls of ice cream goodies.

He opened his arms and the treats spilled over the coffee table. He placed a hand on his hip and tapped his bottom lip, before selecting the can of whipped cream. He made a face at me and sat back on my lap. His nimble guitarist fingers, which were remarkably soft and un-calloused, returning to play with my shirt. Finally he yanked it off of me, with a bit of struggling and an awkward laugh.

"Hm." He smiled at my now bare chest, the palms of his hands warm against my flesh. He pressed down on the can of whipped cream, and a dollop of the substance shot out onto my nipple, its desired target.

Jason grinned and lowered his head to the little dip between my collarbone, his little kitten tongue darting out and dragging across the skin. He bit his lip, looking up at me shyly through his eyelashes, a breath-stealing glimpse of cerulean amongst black, feathered eyelashes, before returning to lick down my chest, ending with a wet lick at my nipple. He swallowed the cream and then proceeded to swirl his tongue around the skin, bringing it to erection, a gesture which he grinned at fondly. Then he bit down with a little growl, and gave the same treatment to its counterpart.

My head tipped back in the euphoria brought upon by this fierce attention to my chest. "You're sexy," he whispered, his tongue trailing from its adoration of my chest to my neck, suckling and nipping lightly. He smiled, his teeth dragging along the skin of my throat and then he withdrew and sat back on his heels, smiling at me.

The grin did it, that little quirk of his lip that brought my heart to a stutter, and I lost all control. I held his hips firmly and flipped us so he was lying sprawled on his back, with me lying on top of him. "No, you are sexy," I grinned, as he uttered this little whimper of surprise at my sudden show of control. "And still wearing too much clothes."

I pulled off his shirt with ease and sat up on my knees so I could shimmy him out of his hippie shorts. And then the boxers. Heh. And now he was naked, and God was it a magnificent sight to behold. He was like an angel, a golden angel, all lithe and lightly toned, lean muscles rippling up his abs and forearms and he had these slender thighs that tapered to firm calves and in the middle of all this was his cock. He wasn't big like me (not to brag, but you know, I ain't gonna lie. It's really quite impressive.) but it fit his body perfectly, it was slender and I guess of average length, which was Jason. My hands roamed anywhere and everywhere, kneading the muscles of his chest and then cupping them behind his neck to kiss him. Still so sweet.

"Mmmm, you smell good, Daviddd," Jason purred. "Now play with me."

"Oh, with pleasure." I grabbed for the bottle of chocolate syrup first. 'Cause Jason plus chocolate equals basically all of my deepest, dirtiest fantasies combined and then some and beyond. He purred again (Jason is my kitty) and I growled back (but it was a sexy growl, I assure you) and drew a big heart of chocolate to adorn the lovely golden flesh of his chest, so smooth and toned and perfect.

"Hey, it's a heart," Jason remarked endearingly, and I had to grant him a kiss for that.

I lowered my head to his chest, my tongue darting out and swirling around his belly button first, before I dragged it up to meet the tip of the heart. My mouth traced the heart-shape perfectly, trailing over soft, pink nipples that demanded attention. I nipped at the skin lightly and from Jason's lips escaped the sexiest little moan. My lips moved to neck and I sunk my teeth into the warm, sweet skin. Jason whimpered pitifully and his fingers fisted tightly in my hair, pushing my head down further, begging for more. I bit again, a little lower this time and then licked at the lavender-pink mark that would be a purple/black bruise later. Jason moaned again and I kissed that beautiful mouth, my tongue dragging along the roof of his mouth and he mewled in pleasure. I smiled unconsciously against his lips.

As my mouth remained busy with Jason's, my left hand shifted for the cherries. I withdrew for a moment, swallowing air desperately to regain my breath and then slipped a cherry between my teeth and placed my mouth on top of Jason's. He took the cherry with the cutest little giggle and swallowed it slowly, his eyes locked with mine. The cherry left his lips a juicy red color and I leaned into savor the new flavor, a new addition to the perfection that is Jason Felix.

I sat back on my heels and admired the delicious mess that I had made. Jason's hair was everywhere, his skin flushed and bitten and bruised, and a light sheen of sweat adorned his chest and torso. What Jason needed was a little cool down.

I made a grab for the ice cream. Jason's eye brow quirked when he saw the gesture, but his lips remained sealed. I bit my lips and threw the lid to the ground, dipping my finger into the cold, creamy substance. I knew Jason's eyes were on me. I put the tip of my ice-cream covered finger on my tongue and slowly licked down the shaft of my finger, my eyes meeting Jason's, and I was delighted to see the cloud of awe and lust that shaded the deep ocean blue. The ice cream was vanilla, which added to the effect of course. "That's good," I murmured, as sexily as I knew how, and dipped my finger in the carton again. This time I put the tip of my finger, enveloped in a thick layer of ice cream, and touched the tip of Jason's cock.

A breathy, choked whimper ripped from his throat at the shocking contact. A shiver ripped through him and he blanched slightly but then arched back into the touch. "David…" he whispered, and my name sounded so perfect on his tongue that I just couldn't resist. I lowered my mouth to the head of his cock, and licked off the little drop of ice cream I had placed there.

He made the most adorable little squeak and his hips lurched upwards unintentionally. I smiled at his eagerness and I placed my tongue at the head of his cock again, tracing circles around the tip. He threw his head back at the sensation, whispering small, inaudible pleas and whimpers. I put another drop of ice cream on the tip, this time dragging my finger all the way down his shaft. It was almost like art, this process of discovering all of Jason's quirks and fantasies, learning all the ways to make such beautiful little moans and whimpers expel from that heavenly mouth. This time I took the entire head into my mouth and suckled gently. He moaned above me and I sucked with more conviction, taking in more and more of his cock in such an achingly slow fashion, but that was what Jason needed. He had the stamina for a quick blow job, many quick blow jobs in fact, but he needed to be taught patience, he needed to be taught how sex was more like art work, less like a job. This was quite a fine lesson to be taught if I do say so myself.

His fingers threaded in my hair and tugged lightly, pleadingly, and I gripped his hips tightly and took him all the way to the hilt. I could feel it in the back of my throat and God, it was a beautiful sensation. He tasted so sweet, the vanilla flavor intermingled with the naturally sweet taste that is Jason, and it was meant for me. I hollowed my cheeks and sucked more and harder, and he moaned. He moaned rather like a cheap whore, actually, and it was one of the sexiest things I've ever heard. I loved him like this.

One last lick to the underside of his cock and he was finished. "Pl-please, David…oh my god…holy…holy…I'm – nngh – coming…"

And come he did. His cock sort of quaked in my mouth and then a shot of sweet, burning hot liquid shot straight down my throat. I swallowed every drop, and Jason's fingers twisted almost too tight on my hair and he found closure with a breathy sigh.

I licked up a few remaining drops and then turned our bodies so I was lying on the couch again and he was resting on top of me. He nestled his head into my chest, his warm breath expelling onto my flesh and I stroked a few stray locks of hair from his flushed, beautiful face. "You. Are. Amazing." He said quietly, endearingly, propping his chin on folded hands to look up at me.

"You're kind of a slut, you know that?" I laughed and he slapped my arm with a fake pout then giggled and bit my chest.

"Hm. Well, I'm your slut. And you are my slut. So there." He bit me again and his eyes had this sparkle, God, he was beautiful. I could die at that moment and be perfectly content, just staring into Jason Felix's big blue eyes.

"And you are just the prettiest, sweetest little thing, do you know that?

He bit his lip, shy once more, and buried his head in my chest, lightly kissing it. "You're really sweet, David." He kissed my chest again. And again.

Then he raised himself to his knees so he was straddling my lap. I eyes his fingers as they closed on the bottle of chocolate syrup, a playful little grin dancing at his mouth. Oh, what was my Felix planning now.

" 'Wonder what I could do with this," he murmured, fake tapping his finger on his chin. "But first, I gotta get this thing off," he said, his fingers tugging at the waistband of my boxers. Oh. I'd forgotten about those.

I lifted my hips as to give him more access and he gratefully slipped the fabric off of my hard, pulsating cock, his eyes widening pleasurably at the sight that greeted them. It seems like it never failed to surprise him just how, well, big it was (again, I am not cocky, folks. Just speaking the truth, I swear).

"Mmmm," he purred in appreciation. And I smiled because, well, that was kind of slutty too.

He uncapped the bottle of chocolate syrup and settled back on his heels. He drew a long line of thick chocolate down the shaft of my cock. He lowered his head, his silky long brown draped across my thighs, and put his mouth to the tip. I growled a little, because, damn, and his little kitten tongue darted out and made little kitten licks around the head. I tugged at his hair, which I knew was a weak spot for him and he uttered an eager moan and dragged his tongue down the length. The feel of his tongue on my skin was heavenly. The feel of his tongue on my cock was evil, evil in its pure perfection and ability to render me completely helpless to the whims of this beautiful boy (which maybe wasn't such a bad thing).

He repeated the process, and tremors crawled down my spine at the severe pleasure, and goose bumps erupted on every inch of my sweat-laden, flushed skin. He took the entire length into his mouth, sucking hard and biting softly, just enough to make me groan and feel a certain something building to near climax. His lips pressed up and down the shaft, teasing little butterfly kisses, and I fisted his hair and he moaned against my cock, sending little vibrations up and down the length. I could feel myself growing close, and I murmured so into his ear, my breath ghosting along the delicate shell. His eyes slipped closed and he slid my cock out of his lips.

"No, baby please, don't stop, nngh –"

"Come inside me." He whispered, nipping at my ear with his perfect, white teeth and a nearly inhuman growl licked the roof of my mouth.

"Inside you?"

He nodded, grinding his hips into my lap, his forehead resting against my shoulder, his fingers deftly stroking the baby hairs at the nape of my neck. "Please."

"Oh my God, could you be more perfect?" I whispered lovingly, because really, Jason was my gift from God. Any so-called "fault" he possessed, I viewed as simply another perfection. I fingered the golden cross around his neck, and kissed it gently. He kissed my shoulder.

I flipped us again. It almost brought tears to my eyes, how beautiful he looked like that, all laid out for me, mine for the taking. I kissed his nose lightly as his thighs parted around my hips. My cock was already lubed up plenty, but Jason's entrance needed a bit of attention before I was inside him. Ah, the wonders of chocolate syrup. I squeezed a dollop of the substance onto my finger and slid it inside of him.

He whimpered beautifully. "Another." I obeyed and slipped another finger inside, scissoring slightly and then with a bit wider strokes. He writhed beneath me and his hips thrusted upwards. He gripped my forearm and threw his head back, exposing his slender, golden throat and I kissed the silken surface hard.

"Nngh," he moaned. "Need you…inside me –nngh - now David, jus' do it, please," he begged and I withdrew my fingers and placed myself at his opening.


"God yes!" He placed his warm hands on my chest and I thrusted inside of him.

"Oh…holy…" he whispered plaintively. His body seemed to swallow me like liquid, his fingers dug pleadingly into my shoulders, leaving small white imprints, pulling more of me inside of him. He was the furnace and I was his fire, filling him up and he burned so much brighter. My hips gyrated into his, filling him more and more with each thrust and he writhed and moaned and was always eager for more, that's why I loved him. We fit so perfectly together.

I leaned down, still inside him, and kissed those perfect lips, flushed strawberry, and my calloused fingers brushed soft, golden cheeks. His hair was splayed every which way and it was beautiful, the color of gold that had been left in the sun, and then dipped in chocolate. His blue eyes, there was magic ingrained in them, they had the power to render me speechless, they could cause my heart to cease beating, they could kill me in a glance. His mouth opened and my tongue slid languidly inside, and our tongues danced almost lazily, just smooth and sweet like melted chocolate.

Jason growled against my mouth, his hands coming to rest on my hips. "Faster, David," he whispered into the corner of my mouth, and I kissed his upper lip, lingering a bit and then slamming into him. He threw his head back in euphoria. I had hit his sweet spot, dead-on.

I angled my hips just right and rammed into the spot again. Jason's eyelashes fluttered against my cheek and he exposed his throat, which my lips gladly latched onto as my hips continued their faultless pattern.

He kissed my lips hard. "David…David…I'm coming, oh- "

Saccharine white liquid spewed from his cock, raining droplets onto his stomach and mine. My climax soon followed, and I filled him with my come, essence of David, in a mess of flying expletives and white knuckles and flushed cheeks.

I collapsed on top of him, having only just enough strength to flip us so that he was lying on top of me. His eyes slipped closed as he exhaled onto my chest, looking so fragile and vulnerable and a little tear slipped from my eyes because he was just too good for me.

A warmth spread across my chest and I realized he was crying too. Not crying, but simply shedding tears of joy, like little bleeding stars. He kissed me, the most loving and gentle embrace of lips that we had shared all night.

I dragged my finger along his lower eyelashes, collecting the tears that pooled there onto my finger. He kissed it and smiled up at me, his eyes glittering with tears but also mirth. He kissed my lips.

"You look like sex." He said playfully, as his hand dug into the box of cherries that lay at our side. He placed one of them on my forehead and pressed another light, lingering kiss to my lips.

"With a cherry on top."