Twisted Fairy Tale

by, Cassandra

The fear abates for the very first time;
she's finally able to take a breath
and take a good look around.
Who would have ever thought?

She walks through forests of darkest hate
and wades through rivers of painful tears,
and still the fear doesn't return.
This is where she was meant to be.

Lost in the fear of spoken tales,
others would have cried out.
But the tales don't scare her now.
She knows they were all true.

This fairy tale weaves the tears
and boasts the pain of victims fears.
She'll grasp the hand that's offered her
and follow the bloodstained paths right home.

A shattered mirror graces the wall;
seven years good luck, she hopes.
Everything in this twisted tale
just makes her feel even more at home.

The red stained moon provide the light
and bathes the world in cold delight.
She's not scared to touch the thorn.
This isn't where the story ends.

She laughs a bitter flavored laugh
and shakes out her mane of wild hair.
Just what would they think now
if they could see the girl she's become?

A walk across the broken glass;
her blood now stains the floor.
She smiles as she opens the door
and steps out of the world of the already known.

The blackness swallows her whole,
just like she'd always dreamt it would.
Lost in it's comforting embrace,
she could easily lose track of the days.

She always loathes to awake
from the life beyond the known.
This is everything she's ever dreamed,
and everything she'll ever need.

This twisted fairy tale belongs to her,
locked safely in her twisted mind,
and nobody will ever know
the world she uses to escape her own.