The only thing I look forward to at all in this world is my guitar lesson every Saturday at 2:00. I love the praise my teacher gives me for my accomplishments and it fuels me with ambition to keep practicing until I get everything perfect. My guitar instructor was this laid-back, chill dude in his early twenties. A lot of the girl students who have him as a teacher seem to be slacking off just to get extra attention from him. He told me, confidentially of course, that I was the only one who was actually doing better and better each lesson, which was only because I practiced for hours every day until the lesson.

I drive my family crazy by playing all of the time, turning up a CD really loud and playing and singing along with it. They eventually moved my bedroom into the basement where my walls were sound proof so nothing could come out and nothing could go in, which was cool for me, especially when I was fighting with my Mom which is almost all of the time.

She hated how I gave up piano to play the guitar; she just doesn't understand my connection with the guitar. She wanted me to play piano because it was her failed dream that she wanted to live through me. I've always hated it so I convinced Dad to let me take guitar lessons instead, which sure blew Mom's fuse.

We've never been really close, I admit I've always been a Daddy's Girl and a tomboy so I guess Mom and I never really got along because I hated to do anything girly, I still do. The only thing that people can count as girly, which I could deck them for, was me being on the dance team at our school. That was the only social thing I did at school.

I know what you're thinking, why would a tomboy be on a dance team when a majority of the time the dances are suggestive? Well, I'm co-Capitan of the team and I made sure none of the dances were suggestive by co-choreographing them with the other Capitan. Other than that I'm not really social at my school, I like to be alone and to swim around in my thoughts and opinions of the world.

That alone is what gave me the ideas for most of the songs I write. I played them for my instructor and he claimed that I'm good enough to get a record label. Yeah, I really doubt that. I really love my guitar lesson, I love the old-building-meets-new-world look, and I love how the instructors are young and we can trust them with things that are going on in our lives. It's normal for everyone to be able to talk to each other and it's normal for everyone to give each other tips on their instrument.

And it's also normal to see some students playing their instruments outside on the sidewalk before and after lesson. That's where I always see him. Sitting cross legged with his red Jay Jr. acoustic guitar across his lap, fingers flying over the fret board as his hand skillfully strummed chords, his voice as smooth as silk wafting in the air like the aroma of fresh baked bread, it instantly bring a crowd. Sometimes he leaves his guitar case open and people put money in. I even find myself staring sometimes, but who wouldn't?

He was good looking, I guess. His shaggy dirty blond hair fell into his piercing blue eyes and he had a black beanie covering it so his bangs fell into his eyes. He had two lip piercings, one on either side. He usually wore a tight black Green Day t-shirt, either baggy or tight dark jeans that sometimes had holes or tears, and beat up vans. He had an assortment of bands on his wrists ranging from studded wristbands to black jelly bands. A couple of times he wears black and white fingerless gloves or just plain black fingerless gloves.

I couldn't help but be drawn to him, for some unknown reason. I know it wasn't his looks; I wasn't one to fall for guys based on his looks. Actually, I wasn't known for falling for guys at all. I wouldn't say that I had a crush on him, but he caught my interest and he always watched me leave the building or enter it whenever I had a lesson, which kind of scared me but interested me at the same time and he would always say the same thing to me, "What's up, Rockstar?"

The name made me smile for that moment but it would fade right when I couldn't hear his music as I made my way down the street. I didn't know much about him but what I did know was that he made a big impact on my life when our eyes first locked.

My name is Mack Montgomery and this is my story of music, acceptance, and finding myself in this harsh world I am forced to live in…


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