If Only For A Minute

If I could have one wish,

It'd be to see you smile.

If I could have some time,

I'd spend it more with you.

If we could stay the same,

We'd laugh off all the trys.

If we could see the day,

We'd watch sun fade away.

Beneath the trees so green,

And in the wind so cool.

I'd lay within you arms,

Reach in and touch your soul.

To watch that lovely smile,

And see those loving eyes.

Ive soon of somethign new,

And lost within my mind.

Ive tried to grasp the thought,

And yet I find it hard.

To see with open eyes,

The changes that you are.

If only we could be,

The way you wish we are.

If only you could seee,

How much you mean to me.

And so I say goodbye,

To all the thoughts of us.

Hello to all the memories,

That mean oh so much.

If only for a minute,

We stop to save the day,

To think of things we've missed,

And things we have today.