One day at lunch our like only guy friend in the group finally sat with us instead of his evil GF. So we were having a ton of fun and I was like "Dan, are you my friend again?" and he was like "Yep." So Bethany was like "CAN I BE YOUR #1 BUDDY!" and Dan (being him) said "Sure." So I was like "NOT FAR NOT FAR! CAN I BE YOUR 2nd BUDDY!" and he was like "Yes, Alli." So I gave him a BIG hug. WOO HOO! 2nd BUDDY'S FOR LIFE!

Our other friend in our 'blob' (Our blob is made of Arden, Connie, me (Alli), Bri, Bethany, and Dan) Arden, plays volley ball and it was her last home game. My grandmother was picking me up so if it weren't for Connie I would have forgot that to begin with. So Connie and I walked up to my Grams car to see if I could stay. We argued for a little and then I decided against staying anyways. To bad Connie and I's bus pulled up. Connie was like "ALLI HAVE TO GO THE BUS IS COMING!" "Naw." I said. "We go past your neighbor hood anyways, we'll drop you off." So we got in the car and messed around till we got to her house. LOL!

(Something that happened when Arden slept over Connie's house…) Connie and Arden make funny video's for YouTube but are also planning a surprise (not so much) video for our blob to watch during the summer. They made a scene we haven't seen yet that goes like this….(Connie is supposed to be hungry and stranded.

"So hungry…need food…loosing – LOOK A DANDELION! (Runs across street then comes back) "Aww, it was just a bug."

Our blob does this thing lunch where for some reason we stick straws in eachothers food. I had a slushy one day and I took out my straw to eat the rest with my spoon. I forgot about it for a little while talking to Connie. I turned back and to get THE STRAW out of my slushie I picked it up with my teeth and dropped it on my tray. That was when I noticed my already used straw laying on the tray. BETHANY STUCK HER STRAW IN MY SLUSHY!
"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" was a little what I sounded like the rest of the lunch period. LOL!

It was track and field day and only me, Bethany, Arden, and Dan had showed up at school due to the fact Connie had to go to a funeral and Bri didn't think it was nessacary to go to school. Dan went to compete in his stuff at a point and what we thought was he left his water bottle sit on the bleechers. Me and Bethany kinda like him so…

"Hey Bethany, we should drink out of Dan's water bottle!" I said after Arden got up and walked away.

"Yeah, but which one is his?" She asked seeing 2 right beside eachother.

"Well I think this one is Dan's cause his was really clean. You know Dan," I said picking up one of the water bottles.

"OK! But you go first cause if it isn't his I don't wanna get AIDS even if it is his." Bethany laughed.

"Fine," so I said a little prayer then drank some of the water. Bethany did the same -scratch the prayer cause I prayed for her too. A little later Arden came back.

"Arden, is this Dan's water bottle?" I asked her.

"NO! THAT'S MINE…why?" Bethany and I look at each other in horror!

"AHHH!" I scream quietly as Bethany does the same. "WE DRANK OFF THAT!" We end up laughing then picking up the other water bottle to finish the job now knowing what we thought that it was Dan's. We followed that rutine. Finally Dan comes back.

"Dan is this your water bottle?" I ask.

"No, I threw mine away before I went to do all the tournaments…" BETHNAY AND I PRACTICALLY FAINT!


REMEMBER: Laugh as much as you breathe!