Sparkles and Sprinkles #1

Sparkles and Sprinkles #1

Open for Business

Chapter #1

Elliot's Storie

Elliot peered over her Vogue magazine studying 2 little girls with their mother and father at a table across from her. She leaned her head to the left then stared back down at the page with shoes on it. Her lunch was finished and she was heading back to the hotel to meet up with her best friend, Storie, for a spree on the board-walk. She lifted up her purse and tucked her magazine inside of it, all bundled up. She dumped her tray in a trash can near her and began to walk home. Eating outside in this weather was too good to waste for her, summer was coming in Myrtle Beach and there was nothing more she loved than to be outside.

Flaunting down the stone path till she hit the side walk, she stared around her at the hotels and stores she passed. There was the Ice Cream shop she loved to visit down the block and a little gift shop for all the tourists who visited. Elliot had lived here for quiet a while now (1 year and a half to be exact) and no longer considered herself a tourist. Kicking a stone in front of her, checking up her green and pink ballet flats she walked for a few blocks more till she got to a huge hotel that was a cream color with a red sidewalk leading to the door. She opened the big double doors and stepped in.

"Good evening, Miss Cook. Just got home from work?" A greeter asked opening the 2nd set of door.

"You bet," Elliot smiled, "Thanks for asking." He nodded his head as she walked in through the hall to the giant indoor area, filled with gift shops, food stands, and stairs. She disliked the elevator due to the fact she was picky about who she 'roomed' with, even in elevators. As of now she was happy in a hotel with herself, visiting and having others visit every so often. She started up the steps staring over them to the floors below her. She met a door pushing it forward and walked out into a hallway with doors lining it. She passed J1324, J1326, J1328, till she reached her room, J1330. She slid her card into the slot hearing a beep and opening it to revile her tidied up room (maid service treated her so nice) with her violet bed covers silky smooth, and her unseperated kitchen neat and clean from her morning coffee. She kicked off her ballet flats and threw her purse in a corner of the hotels chest with the T.V. atop of it as well. Seconds later without even getting settled in, Elliot heard the phone ring. Standing up from the position she was in on the bed she reached for the phone.

"Hello," Elliot spoke quietly.

"ELLIOT! Thank god, you're home!" Storie sighed into the phone. Elliot held the phone away from her ear for a short distance turning the volume down.

"Yep, that's it. Now you're gonna put the phone down and come over here in, what, 3 minutes?" Elliot chuckled.

"You bet! See yah soon," Storie said slamming the phone, and that was the end of that. All their conversations were short, they only really talked online and in person a lot. In fact they were pretty loud too, especially when Bonnie, Cloe, Kaleb, and Paige were around! Elliot smiled then hung up the phone. She popped her laptop lid up and started it up. She needed to keep herself occupied for a while before Storie got there. Typing away at a speech she had to have ready for her college the next day she got down to a paragraph till it was done when the door bell rang its sweet little tune. Elliot saved then closed the laptop. She got up and flung open the door.

"Hey," Storie gave a wave of her hand, her camera (generally around her neck) dangling.
"Sup," Elliot said stepping aside for Storie to come in.

"Nothin' much, you no, just got here and all." Storie was one for joking. "Smile," she said holding up her camera. You see, Storie had already found her profession. She had always wanted to be and author or a photographer. She followed through with photography, and with a name like Storie Michelle McCartney, her work wasn't forgotten! Elliot gave a wink as the camera flashed.

"Good," Storie said looking up. "Hey can we get going, I wanna get a hermit crab and they are 50 off today down at Sun Shack."

"Whatever," Elliot said grabbing her purse. "I wanna get some saltwater taffy to send to the rents." Elliot said pointing to herself, gleaming.

"Can't you just make your own? You're great at it. Why waste money?" Storie stressed money like a mother stresses a baby falling off a bed, which defiantly wasn't good. But Elliot couldn't complain because she was up for as many bargains as possible. She didn't buy many things but loved the sites.

"I would but I wanna get myself a box too."

"MAKE YOUR OWN," Storie said as Elliot slammed the door behind them.

"No, I don't feel like it. I just made my own like, what, 4 days ago, and you guys downed them like they were the last food on earth! That stuff to make it is expensive!" Elliot giggled.

"Well, it was good!" Storie, semi whined.

"I noticed," Elliot crossed her arms then laughed.

"Hey, did you get Bonnie's MySpace e-mail from Unforgiven11's new video on YouTube? DUDE! It is SO funny!" Storie laughed at its thought.

"Yep, it is so funny! I got it this morning…On the inside; I'm full of rainbow's…REAL RAINBOW'S!" Elliot and Storie laughed really hard at the video's he makes. They all did. They shared great funny stuff with each other all the time! Their practical saying was 'Laugh as much as you breathe', and the certainly did! As Elliot and Storie walked out of the building heading for the board walk, Elliot already knew she would have a good time…she always did.