Out of My Hands

by, Cassandra

This is everything you've wanted to see;
everything you've wanted me to be.
How was I supposted to know?
You mixed it up so damn good,
so now right is wrong and wrong is right.
Night is day and day is night.
I'm so wrapped up in your web
and I'm not too sure I want out.
What the hell should I do?
You made me into this, you know;
doubting everything around.
Everything I thought was true.
If this is love, then I don't know.
Maybe it's not everything I thought it'd be.
So,now it's time to make a change,
make a choice, or stay the same.
Do I want to live this way?
It's hard to tell, hard to see,
because you just keep blinding me.
Burn me alive just to hear me scream;
whatever you want, my darling dear.
I guess this is just the way it is.
The choice is always out of my hands.