Costume smiles and costume tears,
costume paint to hide the smears
of black mascara from tears
that weren't so fake.

Falling stars and falling dreams,
falling curtains to hide the scenes
that play out when makeup cracks
and costumes fade.

Wilted flowers and wilted love,
release the stone dead turtledoves;

the cage has been rusted shut
and the stage torn down.

Washed up programs and washed out plots,
the theatre made way for a parking lot
and the music is silenced forever
in a warehouse downtown.

Magical moments and magic tricks,
magic portrayals of characters writ;
the audience laughed and, as quickly,
they shared in the grief.

Remembered amazements, remembered delights,
remember the brilliance of evening show lights;
the actors are gone, but
why can't we play make-believe?