I still can't believe what you did.

Its only been a few days,

Yet I just can't seem to get over it.

Why did you say all those things?

"Everyone hates me," you said.

What people say doesn't mean anything.

"Nobody would care if I was gone.

Everybody would be happier if I was dead."

You couldn't have been more wrong.

"I need you, damnit!" I said desperately.

"I can't live without you in my life!

Say you won't do anything stupid, promise me."

I spent that entire night texting you,

Right before my major exam,

Just so that you could make it through.

Seeing you like that was the worst thing ever.

You've seen me break so many times before,

And you always said things would get better.

But now you were the one who wanted to end it all

And I had to help you get through it.

I was usually the one to keep up walls,

But suddenly the tables had turned.

You were gonna end your life early

And love was all you yearned.

We talked for nearly 3 hours, until very late.

When you decided to call it a night,

I made you swear to keep your head straight.

You said you would call me in the morning

Then told me to get some sleep.

How was I supposed to not worry?

Watching the glowing moonlight,

I cried myself into a deep slumber.

You had really scared me that night.

I wished for everything to be okay,

Hoping you would be alright.

I just wanted you to stay.

I don't know what I would have done.

You said you didn't really mean it,

But I know that part of you is goneā€¦

You're different, no longer the same.

I wish I could talk to you like I used to,

But I can't now that you've changed.