you can lie to us

white picket fenced house
and maybe a dog or two;
you'll be the obedient
stay at home wife.
he'll bring home the money
by fucking his secretary
in the privacy of his office
and you'll never know;
you'll never know.

"you're the only one i love, honey"
he'll say on the phone
while warming her bed
and you'll believe his words,
dripping with the deceit
you refuse to believe.
you're young but she's younger
and he's always liked them
oh-so-fucking-young that
it's illegal.

and when you're alone
with no one to turn to;
when he's finally had enough
of the only thing he ever wanted,
you'll remember and regret
what you've done to us-
friends and family.
it's not a threat nor a promise:
it's a fact you pretend not to know

you think you know him,
but you're wrong-
you're wrong.
you can lie to us,
but you can't lie to yourself;
and sooner or later
you'll realize the truth
but then it'll be too late;
it'll be too late.