Title: Nobody

Author: Daydreamer64

Fandom: Original

Genre: Angst?

Summary: Who am I? I am nobody.

Note: Where did this come from? I have no idea. Just some random musings of mine that I decided to write down. I'd like feedback!

Every single day I am killed. Outside forces beyond my control take over my actions and become my mind. I am neither human nor animal, male or female, girl or boy- I am nobody. Yet people use me every day for their sick perverse pleasure and I have no choice but to obey.

Who am I? You still ask. Well it's hard to say. I can be anyone and no one at the same time, I can be whatever they want me to be. I have no choice, I am a mirror meant to reflect what people want to see. I have no identity so I am nobody.

They use me everyday. They control my life. They do as they wish. I can cry, I can be happy, I can be crazy or I could be dead- whatever they wish of me, I am. Their thoughts become my own and I do not think, I merely act. A puppet for a show they've made and repeated so many twisted ways.

You use me every single day as well. They aren't the only ones in control of my fate. I have no say in my life because I am created by you and them. You take me up as your own, not knowing I belong to everyone. I am nobody- a character for you that is reborn again and again.