Title/Prompt: Balloon

Author: DayDreamer64

Fandom: Original/ Possession-verse

Pairing: High WitchxAdrina bonding

Genre: Angst

Summary: They both remember… They can't forget. Just a smile… that's all it was.

Note: For the lovely sweethearts92's birthday. She gave me the prompt "balloon" and since this is the only story she's followed and all I could think of was this I wrote her a side story for The Possession Trilogy Enjoy! Lot's of love Pink-chan!

"Would you like some popcorn?" the woman asked pleadingly.


"How about a teddy-bear?" the man beside her asked.


"Some candy?"


"Want to go on a ride?"


The two parents stared helplessly at each other then back at the young four-year-old girl with unblinking blank silver eyes. It was her birthday and they had gone out of their way to bring her to an amusement park alone without her step-siblings in an effort to see her smile. However it seemed the young girl was unsatisfied- she sat on the lone bench in front of her parents indifferent to the delightful screams of other children and giggles of teenagers around her. She didn't care no did she seem to notice her surroundings- her eyes continued to stare ahead at the people passing back and forth.

"Leave me." she whispers, closing her eyes for a moment and when she opens them again she is still sitting on her bench, but her surroundings have changed- the running children, the many vendors, the blue sky- all of it; gone.

"How did you know I was here?" the voice behind her was amused. How long have you been acting like this?

"I can sense you… mother." She answered monotonously. Long enough to have them worry about their lives…

"Ah, I had forgotten to cover my aura someway." She moved around the bench to her to sit beside her. So you've decided…

"You don't forget easily." She replied. You saw this coming didn't you mother?

"Well sometimes High Witches such as myself do." She looked at the young girl out of the corner of her eyes. Of course I did… "It's been two years since I left you with them and not once have you smiled for them."

"They don't deserve to see my happiness when I felt none with them." She murmured. Then why are you trying to stop it?

"You could at least try." She replied looking away. Because I love you. "They are… your family."

"They are not my family." Adriana bit out. Then why did you leave me with them? "They mean nothing to me."

The High Witch was silent for a moment as a look crossed her face. She stared down at the girl who stared back at her with pleading eyes- Take me away mother… Then she regained composure over herself and stared down at her hand, a string beginning to form and soon a round substance at the end. A balloon.

"Happy birthday my daughter…" The High Witch handed it over to the young girl and stood up. I'm sorry… I can't. "We'll see each other again…"

Adriana watched as her mother left her with nothing but the small present of air. She stared at it, anger beginning to fall away from her rapidly. A present… from her mother. She closed her eyes, pulling the string towards her heart- the balloon floating above her- and let a smile spread slowly across her face- Mother… thank you. Upon opening her eyes again, she found herself back with her step-parents. Her smile quickly disappeared and instead was replaced with her usual indifference. The balloon… was nowhere to be seen.

"I want to go home." She announced.

Sliding off the bench she began to walk in the direction of the park lot, her step-parents at a loss for words as they hurried along in her wake. She let them pass her and ready the car while she turned back to the bench.

A lone balloon was floating up into the sky, a young woman sitting on a bench, waving goodbye- all… unseen. One last glance at her mother, one last moment, and she smiled- letting the brilliance of it reach her mother's eyes.

I shall see you again…