TCrumbling Relationship by Disneyluver

Summary: This is an epilogue to my "Ultimate You" series. These are true events that happened to me in fall 2004-febraury 2006

Author's notes I don't own the "Time has come" or "The winner takes it all" lyrics, which are both in Bold. There are different reasons for those song choices. I chose "The Time Has Come" not only cause it was my prom song my senior year (which makes it kind of ironic when I use it in this story) but because of the two lines used in the chorus:It's for the best I know it. Who could've guessed that you and I. .. would to say good-bye

Oops, I started rambling right in the middle of m author's notes, sorry about that. Now where was I? oh yes. () have author's notes in them.! I own nothing mentioned in this story,. If you are confused about PB, read chapter five in my "Ultimate You" series to find out what PB is. Names have been changed to protect the innocent and people's secrecy as well . This is the only chapter of "Ultimate you" that wasn't written during 2004 summer but rather in spring 2005 If you think I should have a different song in the story, please let me know in a review! Please read and review

It was fall 2004 and there was a first year student at RV's post secondary program, G, whereas Wally was a senior at RV's high school program. They had been dating for about a year and were very happy together but we thought nothing of the big troubles that lay ahead. . (How I wish I could go back and warn that poor girl about what was going to come)

The first sign of trouble was in September 2004 when their one-year anniversary was fast approaching. The girl wanted to make it a very special night so she burned him a CD and made a reservation at a restraunt called Little Italy. She even wore a skirt, something that she only did once in a blue moon, even though she did not hear the end of it from her dorm mates for a bit. The dinner was satisfactory although the girl thought that it was strange that the boy did not get her anything. The next weekend, the high school went to the Medieval Fair; where supposedly the boy had bought the girl a present but the girl never even saw anything from the Fair. She put that thought in the back of her mind and went on with her daily life.

Time passed quickly and now it was December 15. The high school had a dance called the Snowball Dance and only the three G students that had boyfriends or girlfriends at RV were allowed to attend, the girl being one of the three. She was all excited and could not wait to go and see her boyfriend. When she got to the gym where the Snowball was being held, the other two G students easily found their other halves and ditched the girl. She scanned the room but could not see her boyfriend anywhere! It was about ten or so minutes before the off- campus G dorm supervisor that had taken the girl and the other girl to the gym contacted the girl. She told her that her boyfriend had gotten in trouble that day and his punishment was that he was unable to come to the dance. The girl was crushed and decided to go back to her dorm since there was no point in staying around if he wasn't there. The girl was so steaming mad that she had to work out on the dorm's treadmill to get out her stress and also so that no one would see her cry, Luckily the girl pulled some strings and the boy was able to attend the Project Fun (the program at the local college for students with learning disabilities) holiday dance the next day at the local college. It was decided there that if the boy couldn't make it somewhere, like a dance, then he would call the girl to let her know and the same applied to the girl.

Zoom to February 10, 2005. The boy was the girl's 'shadowee' in her Animal Care class at Project Fun. At the high school, the seniors each pick a G student to follow around to all their G and Project Moving Ahead classes only (since you can not follow the G student around in their regular college classes) and stick to that G student like a shadow, hence the name shadowing. Shadowing is done so that RV seniors get a feel for what a typical day is for a G student. The person doing the shadowing was called the "shadowee" and the G student being shadowed was the 'shadower'. The girl had to rush over to the high school and get her boyfriend, who apparently forgot that he was her shadowee, before the bus left. During break, the boy ran off to see if he could get his library card renewed before the girl had a chance to tell him that shadowees are supposed to stick to their shadower's side the whole time, during break as well as during class! When he didn't come back ten minutes after break had ended, the girl ended up having to hunt him down and bring him back to class. She wanted the ground to swallow her up as she led the boy back to class.

Fast-forward to the next week, or more specifically, Tuesday, February 15. The girl wanted to go out with her boyfriend to Polcari's as a belated Valentine's Day dinner. She had saved up forty-five dollars for the dinner and he said that he was going to bring her a DVD that had come out that day at CVS. When they got to the restraunt, the girl found out that he was unable to go to CVS and only had seventeen dollars with him. The girl ended up paying for the entire meal with her hard earned money! The next day, when the girl came back from her mainstream college course, she was surprised to see him at the G café at first lunch when he was supposed to come at second lunch. When she went to get her lunch, he got out a DVD and his laptop and watched it the whole time. The girl thought that was dubious, because it was the first time that had ever happened That night at RV & G's monthly PB "takeover", the girl was shocked when the boy didn't show up or give her cell phone a call to let her know that he couldn't come! Another boy from the high school had to tell the girl that he couldn't come because he was sick. I knew something was up because he did not look sick at all earlier that day The following day, after she had come back from her regular college class the girl was eating at the G café, she suddenly broke down and bawled her eyes out. She didn't go to her Project Moving Ahead class that day, but had a very long talk with her advisor about her relationship with the boy and the past few events! While she was talking about those events with her advisor, Ms. K, the girl was shocked to find out that the boy had in fact gone to CVS and that he was supposed to give her the seventeen dollars so he could pay for his half of the bill! She knew what she had to do, although it would be very painful for her.

I close my eyes

And I can see

The day we met

Just one moment and I knew

You're my best friend

'Do anything

For you

We've gone so far

And done so much

And I feel

Like we've always been together

Right by my side

Through thick and thin

You're the part of my life

I'll always remember

The time has come

It's for the best I know it

Who could've guessed that you and I...

somehow, someday

We'd have to say goodbye.

You've helped me find

The strength inside

And the courage

To make all my dreams come true

How will I find

Another friend

Like you

Two of a kind

That's what we are

And it seemed

Like we were always winning

But as our team

Is torn apart

I wish we could go

Back to the beginning

The time has come

It's for the best I know it

Who could've guessed that you and I...

Somehow, some way

We'd have to say goodbye.

Somehow today...

...we have to say goodbye.

That Friday, Ms. K, the girl and the boy all had a meeting. The girl explained what was bothering her to the boy. As they talked, the girl realized that both she and the boy were on completely different maturity levels and had totally different schedules from each other. Ms. K and the girl decided that they should break up but the way they put it was that the girl and the boy should just be friends. The boy was shocked at this and the look on his face was something the girl did not forget for a long time. The girl knew that it was the right mature descion to make, but deep down inside she felt her heart break. As a result of her being stressed over the boyfriend, the girl immune system became weak and she got sick for nearly a month (which was strange considering that the girl is generally very healthy and hardly gets sick). Everyone in her dorm, apart from her best friend, thought that she deserved getting the 'heartbreak bug', as the girl later dubbed it. she thought that the boy should have gotten sick for putting her through that emotional roller coaster ride

The End

Author's notes: Did you guess who the girl was? It's pretty clear but if you couldn't, it's me! I hope that you liked it. Please review after you've read it. I first wrote this on March 9, 2005.