"Sometimes, beautiful things can't be real..."

Once again, the abyss called out to me.

Pure and full of brilliant spectrums of light, the chasm was covered with an invisible path that I knew so well. It was so empty, but I didn't even notice the infinity that stood beneath my feet. Endless streams of angelic hues danced around my focused being. Spiraling and performing such acrobatic stunts, the colors were happy to see me. I was happy to see them too. They seemed so happy, so carefree. I couldn't help but smile at their friendly dances.

However, I did not lose my crucial focus. I continued to walk across the invisible path, desperate to find my target. On the thin horizon of light, I saw it. My target was sitting alone. Her long black hair was brilliantly streaked with bright red lines of dye. The thin filaments smoothly slid to her tender shoulders, which were surrounded by a black dress. The dress moved toward her legs, which were armored with strong black shoes and tall striped socks.

She sat alone in the abyss. I sighed of relief and walked to her, eager to be her company. My approach caught her attention, and her shining blue eyes turned toward me. She returned my arrival with a timid smile and a friendly look in her eyes. I smiled back and sat next to her, still above the infinity.

Our curious eyes gazed into a spectrum of color so radiant that we both instantly were captivated at our surroundings, nearly forgetting each other's presence. But I knew that I could not, and so did she.

She felt herself begin to hug her legs, letting her black garment drape over them. I was intrigued by her unorthodox position, one I never had seen her perform often. With a sigh, I started to speak, but she began an instant before.

"Are you feeling well?" she asked. Her voice was high-pitched, but so melodic that practically anyone would be lost in the aria in seconds. I felt my heart begin to soothe to her voice, but my mind recalled her question, and I felt my mood descend.

"Not particularly." I replied, looking down. She became interested in hearing of my discontent, and began to crawl closer to me.

"What do you mean?" she said, staring with her shining eyes again. I felt torn between myself; I could not decide whether to explain or not. My heart began to race as she leaned to my face, still mesmerizing me with her eyes. I found myself slowly weakening, and shortly after, breaking.

"It's not you." I said. She felt disappointed by my reply, which she knew was a distraction.

"What is it?" she said, rubbing up against me. I felt myself breaking further with her tantalizing actions. "I need to know." With a sigh, I continued the hidden story, but not in the way she had anticipated.

"I feel lost." I said, letting my hair drape across my face. Her calm expression stiffened into confusion.

"Lost?" she said, so innocently. Her false innocence did not faze me; I knew that she understood what I meant.

"You understand. I know you do." I seriously said. She froze for a second, then I noticed her smile degenerate to an upset expression. Her long hair fell in front of her face, with the red streaks hiding her eyes.

"You…you're right." She said, still leaning against me. We brutally suffered about a minute of silence before I exhumed the courage to speak.

"I'm sorry, it's just so painful out there." I said. She looked up to me with the same innocence she attempted to fool me with before. "Sanctuary is so difficult to find."

"I also understand that." She replied. I intended my words to be poetic enough to garner her confusion, but I should have realized her perception. "I feel upset to give you such a painful reality. You know, me not being able to help you."

"Reality is always more painful than fantasy. Always has been, always will be." I said.

"But I still wish that I could be there for you." She said, letting her long hair mix with a brew of tears growing upon her face. I noticed her brilliant eyes become dull from her tears. With my hand, I swept them away, afterward placing my hand upon her delicate face.

"Please don't cry." I said. "When you cry, it feels like my world is ending." My prose caused her crippling spirits to rise and through her shattered expression, a timid smile emerged. I returned it with another smile. "You must understand: the world on the outside is the most painful thing in the universe. Only here can I feel content."

"Yes." She said. I felt my hand move towards hers, and together, our lips met in a divine embrace. Around us the colors danced acrobatically. At that point, reality was distant, so distant that I did not even know it existed.

"...but even in an empty reality, there is peace somewhere. It just needs to be found."