your scarf still lays on my bed
where you left it when you left me
the sweet smell of you-peppermint and vodka-
brings tears to my eyes
(like you've done so many times)

it swallows my body
as I sit in class, pretending to pay attention
(but darting my eyes back and forth to you,

Trying to see if you notice I'm still wearing your old leather jacket)

you always said that I was yours
you were mine
and we were each others
it was supposed to be that way forever
but I should've known better
(promises are meant to be broken)

but that's not the only thing you broke
it seems kind of ironic
that I was your Diamond
-the most beautiful and yet strong
gem, unbreakable
(somebody should return me
for false advertising)

and that's what I feel like
a lie.
I don't understand why
I glance again,
and you give me a knowing look
I want to scream,
don't look at me like that, you know
that I'll cry
but maybe that's what you want
because then I'll turn into rust

I shift off your jacket
maybe I was right to call you
my Peppermint
so sweet at first,
but after all of the sugars gone
only a nasty aftertaste remains.

a/n-the peppermint I hold in my hand is crushed because of me. I should have some sympathy, but I don't. Instead, I crush it into even smaller pieces.