Bending Time and Space

Echoes from the future
Distant raging defecation
Nothing but the never dead
Wishing they could die

Weak wills in hypnotic dreams
Psycho-somatic to a conceded extreme
Following their horses where they lead

I dream of carousels where the children always sing
I dream in parallels astride by violent history

We sing the slave-songs of another generation
We live in hope and work to never live again
We'll never know the distance of a state and its nation
We fight the ordered fight against a chaos still within
And we're never moving on
They're never living on

Cue the laugh track here
Light the sky like an unseen applause sign
Don't listen, there's nothing to hear
Just sit and laugh at this little sad man's lies

Increasing in speed
An orbit slowly spiraling
Nothing to be done about the crash(es)

Broken mirrors and LCD eyes
This plastic race track hell

And I dream of carousels monotonous and deafening
I dream in parallels that shouldn't be intersecting