You've never been who you said you were--
cut me loose, let the levees breaks, let the walls fall.
Vines conquer the ruins of our broken hearts
and our lies grow moldy and decay slowly,
revealing rotting floorboards damp with pain.
When the ceiling caves we can see the stars
but they've always been meaningless.
We're both masks, we're nothing more than
fake names and good times.
Call me to tell me your sorry and I'll say goodbye
for what feels like the first time, though it never is.

I'll lock the door,
turn the music up loud,
ignore the doorbell.

We're that on-and-off couple,
yet I'm not even sure who I am.
You, though, I'm starting to see,
or so I think.

I hope when this paper finds its way to your desk that
you understand, that you look at me and smile.
I hope its not insulting that we're both fakes.

But don't all lies hold shards of truth?

That sure doesn't make it hurt less, though.