Slayer Born

Slayer Born



Twelve years had past and the twins grew into handsome men. Miles and Talon were handfuls since childhood. Jerith taught them how to fight just as he did Ivy. With sword, hand and hand, also the gun. Ivy couldn't ask for more.

Everyone sadly missed Revelin who passed on happily 2 years ago. Ivy was glad that she got to see her great grandchildren before she left them. Magnar started to date and was engaged to a fine woman who always believed in the Lycans and other creatures. She never thought to be dating one.

Lukas on the other hand never really found anyone, but took up on studies to be a collage teacher. He studied on being a chemist and archeologist. Chase went back to school and finished with a high school degree.

Jerith became a self defense teacher for those who couldn't defend for them selves. Ivy her self became an author and wrote books about the adventures she had in her life. She hoped that in her stories people would see the magic and love that brought two worlds together and gave each other the freedom they longed for.