A/N: This is another one of my attempts at poetry. I usually write fiction, but writing poetry forces me to expand/improve my writing style, so ... yeah. And sorry for all the page breaks, my computer is refusing to format this correctly. Anyway, enjoy!

She Watched the Sky

She watched the sky as she tore herself to pieces

She watched the sky, the gray overtaking the blue

She watched the sky as her feet remained firmly planted on the ground

She watched the sky, wondering when he would return

He watched the ground flying along beneath him

He watched the ground, stable in its' static peace

He watched the ground from his steel bird in the sky

He watched the ground, wondering if she was watching for him

She watched the sky, longing to see him

And as she watched the sky, her wish came true

He watched the ground, longing for it to be closer

And as he watched the ground, his wish came true

A brilliant explosion lit up the sky

A cloud of gray smoke marked a plummeting path

They watched as the realms came closer together

And the tides suddenly turned

As the one who flew had his wings broken,

And the one who was grounded flew to his side

She looked away when she reached the site,

Then watched the sky again,

This time for God

And He must have heard her prayers

Because when her arms reached out for a loving embrace,

Her beloved came right to her

The fire burned and people screamed around them,

But they could see nothing but each other

And the tear of relief that rolled down her cheek