Tear Drops from the Open Sky

Dancing with God, eye to eye.

Hands up, Smile On:

Singing in the Rain to this song.

Soaking me through and through

Puddle Jumping: me and you.

Water cleanses me of my Fears

The Freedom couldn't be more Clear

Turn up the Music in my Head

No more Confusion, Anger or Dread.

Dance with me: dance with me.

Can't you feel this feeling of glee?

It's in the Air as the Rain comes down...

It's in the music, It's all around.

Wouldn't you call this magic?

Temporarily Tragic.

Why can't I dance with God forever?

Or at least in better weather?

This feeling is too good to let go

My heart is clean and the words flow

Shower me in happiness

Shoo away the anger, sadness and stress

We'll dance until the sun comes up

Or at least until God has had enough

Dancing with Him has to last a long time

And every line has to Rhyme.

Toes can talk when he's holding my hand

Mine are shouting now in the wet sand

The Stars are singing songs of Sheer Joy

I'm starting to get dizzy, oh boy.

Laughing until the End of Time

This Moment is still His and Mine.