Ahhh… I'm sure other people have been in this position before.


track is my obsession,
my anchor to the world,
something to show me that I am strong enough to survive.

track is what keeps me going most days now,
makes sure that I will prevail,
proves that I'm strong enough to go that extra distance.

track is my sport,
my hobby,
my way of life.

track is my release from everyday life,
showing me that I do have something to work for,
something that won't just be handed to me in this NCLB world.

but these people that don't take it serious,
don't come to practice every night like they should,
and then get all disappointed when they lose their races…

seriously piss me off.


a/n: Incase you were wondering, I don't actually run for track.
I throw.
And even though I don't throw "well,"
at least I can say that I do work my ass off every night
to achieve that goal of 80 feet by the end of the season for disc.

Also, NCLB equals no child left behind.