Everything just falls apart…


Where was she
when I was blistering?
when I was bleeding?
when I was crying my eyes out at the last three track meets?
when I couldn't take it anymore?
when I was throwing disc?
when I was sitting on the bus next to Travis?
when I hugged Devon and I was told I'd be suspended?

Where was I
when she started to cry?
when he told her something stupid (that she still hasn't told me what he said)?
when he "broke up" with her for the fifth consecutive time?
when she needed a shoulder to cry on again?
when she wanted a hug?
when she thought it was absolutely necessary to complain about her mom?
when he broke her heart?

She was nowhere to be found when I needed her.

But I've always been right there
waiting to glue her sorry excuse of existence
back together.