Log 1

Log 1

There was a knock at Jonas' door. It was midday, and outside his walls he could hear kids laughing, dogs barking, and the local housewives gossiping in (what they thought) secret. The sun shone brightly trough the cloudless sky, and it was a bit on the warm side. Yes, it was another regular day in Sunnyvale.

Jonas put on a shirt, and went to go answer the door. Jonas was just shy of six foot, he was quite skinny (though most people are in these days) and his hair was still a mess for he had been sleeping until the knock at the door woke him.

The knock persisted, a bit more agitated than last time, and he could hear a muffled voice through the door, "Sir, I'm with Sunnyvale Pest Control, may I remind you that failure to maintain pests in your house is against federal law."

"I know, I'm coming." He thought this whole pest control was a bit ridiculous; however, he didn't think about it much, for it made his head hurt.

The muffled voice was getting angrier, "I'm a very busy man, sir. IF you do not open this door, I will report you to the proper-" he sentence was cut short for Jonas had opened the door quite some time ago, and was now looking the man in the eye. "-authorities," he finished, in a much more hushed voice. Without delay, the man picked up his spraying can and began wandering though the house, spraying the little ins and outs of Jonas' house.

Jonas let out a sleepy yawn and scratched his head. He began going back inside, to watch the man do his work when he heard a crash.

Curiosity got the best of him, and he poked his head outside. A white van had hit another exterminator truck (for pest control usually did entire blocks at the same time to save time). The people jumped out, and ran toward the neighbor's house. They were all too far away to get a clear look at, but they all wore army green vests, gas masks, and carried RF190 machine guns.

The trio ran up to the door, and waited. Two of them had their backs against the wall, while one kicked open the door. After three kicks, the door flew open, and they ran inside, only to drag out the exterminator. One of them held him down with his boot, while the other shot at his chest. The children ran, watching quite enough. Their gossiping mothers shielded their eyes from the horrors that were being laid out right in front of them.

A chill went down Jonas' spine. A sudden shriek of police sirens made him jump. Two police cars skidded the road, and parked perpendicular to the white van. Two of the trio held their RF190's, while the other reloaded. Four cops came out of the two cars, and held their pistols, ready to fire upon them at any hint of an attack.

The street was loud with silence. It was as is time itself had stopped, and allowed these men another chance at rethinking their actions. No one even thought about breathing. If they did, they would be the first to go, and it would start a chain reaction, causing an all-out firefight. A drop of sweat formed on the forehead of one of the policemen. He did not dare to wipe it off, but let it trickle down his face, until gravity pulled it down to the earth. It fell, ever so slowly, and splashed on the pavement below.

Without hesitation, the trio began firing, taking down two cops. One of the trio's men went back inside, and grabbed the owner of the house. He ran back outside, with the resident slung on his back like a sack, firing wildly at the police. He shoved the resident into the van and yelled, "C'mon! we have to get the hell out of here!" The other two obeyed, turning around immediately. One stumbled, and was shot in the leg. The van started the engine, and rammed the cop car, killing another cop. The van showed no sign of stopping, and rode off into the distance.

Jonas immediately ran toward the injured man, while everyone else (still shocked) remained inside. The cop whirled around, now pointing the gun at Jonas, clearly on edge. He was sweating, and his legs and arms were shaking.

"St-stay the hell back!" he yelled, re-positioning his gun at Jonas, and pointed it around at any others that were showing their faces now.

"All of you, stay back!" He shot twice at Jonas' feet. An armoured car pulled up next to the officer. It had the words SUNNYVALE CORRETIONAL INSTITUTE printed on its sides. A man in a haz-mat suit came out carrying what seemed to be on oxygen tank and a breathing mask.

He put the mask up to the cops mouth and nose, and told him to breathe deep. Hesitant to obey at first, but the man in the suit was showing no signs of stopping. Within a few seconds, the cop was sleeping on the pavement. He was put in the back of the truck, and it drove in the opposite direction that the white van went to.

Jonas, still the only person outside, went back to his home. Little did he know, however, that underneath a street lamp was a hidden camera, and it was watching him. It had been watching him ever since he left his house.