Log 20

Orius followed Slyph into the very underbelly of the city, at least, what remained. Sounds of a distant battle would be heard to the East, leaving a fire-like orange-red painting the night sky. Thy ran through what was a battlefield which had taken place not too long ago, for the stench of rotting flesh still grasped the air. This did not bother Orius.

Neither did the fact that he had no idea where he was running to, he only continued to follow Slyph, making sure the item that he had given him did not fall out of his pocket.

The duo bobbed and weaved, over and under, a spider-web of obstacles, Slyph having a much easier time that Orius. Though, this did not bother Orius either.

No, nothing was going to bother Orius. The reason he was following Slyph, and the reason neither of them had spoken a word to each other was simple. The thing that they have both been fighting for, the one hurdle that stood in their way, was about to be overcome.

After the dome had fallen, Slyph had a tendency to run off for quite a while. The time varied to as little as two hours to the longest time, which was 3 days. During this time, Orius did not know where he went; he only followed orders and remained in their hideout, just on the outskirts of Sunnyvale, guarding their food supply and ammo cache. Slyph never gave off any hints to where he was going. He only said that he was "Looking for something."

At first Orius thought that it might be the syringe they had taken from the hospital so long ago. While on one of Slyph's outings, Orius checked the camp. He was relieved to find the syringe wrapped in a blue cloth, tucked in neatly with the rest of Slyph's belongings from the Red Fox outpost in the church. Upon his return, Orius was ecstatic to show his find.

"I found it, this is what you were looking for, right?"

"That? No, put that back where you found it. I need to know where it is at all times."

Orius' heart sank. He had felt as if he were a burden on Slyph, and he was sure that helping him find what was lost would surely ease his load, making Orius more than just a handicap to Slyph.

Those feelings put aside. Everything, all the pieces came together when Slyph said five words.

"I know where Virgil is."

After Virgil's message before the collapse of the dome, it was obvious that the Verein would try and triangulate his position. They did, in three hours to be exact. Virgil was sure to get himself out before the message was even ready for viewing. Leaving only a message that only had "Tendo Iterum" written on it with what was assumed to be Virgil's handwriting. When the Verein troops had arrived, there were no clues that anyone had been staying there.

He had gone too far. The people of Sunnyvale were not ready for this kind of shock. They still relied too heavily on Phesolyne, and a shock like this would only cause a disaster.

Slyph would not let Virgil live this down. He was going to make sure that Virgil suffered by his hands, like he has made others suffer with his act of breaking the dome. Slyph was going to kill Virgil tonight.

They had arrived at a burned building, charred black from the bombs from the battle before. There was no door to speak of, so Slyph, after pulling out his pistol, walked right in. He did not say a word to Orius.

"I know that you're in here, old man!" Slyph yelled, his voice echoing in the empty space.

There was a long pause. Slyph fired off one shot into the sky, and repeated himself.

"I know you're here! Come out now, old man!"

Out of the shadows stepped a figure. His hair was frizzled and wild, coloured a shocking white. His bushy goatee was aging, turning white at the tips, yet remaining a grey under his nostrils. His hands were covered in blisters, as if he had been working frantically on something. He wore no shoes, which was surprising considering the temperature outside. He walked towards Slyph, very calmly, palms outward.

"So, you've come to kill me then?"

"I'm not sure what I'm going to do to you yet."

"Very well, I have played my part as the catalyst, and now must return to the earth."

"You made people suffer, and now-"

"You are going to take the path of vengeance, is that it? Then, my son, your quarrel is not with me, but the Verein army. They are the ones who had put the pieces on the table, I merely played the opposing role."

"No. You used people to get what you wanted you-"

"The game of chess includes pawns for a reason. Yet, people often forget their importance. Without pawns, the remainder of your army is let open, prone to attack. If they-"

"Shut up! This is not a game, these are lives! Human lives! What sort of society have you created with-"

"Do not look at it now, you must look further into the future!"

"There won't be a future! You are a liar! You are a murderer!"

"As I've said before, my son, I was just a mere player. I saw the gears and decided to get them turning. With the destruction of Dome 42, the people were forced to see something. They were forced to see the world, the real world, not this playpen, this cage, that they have built for us! They saw something that the government did not want them to see. The Phesolyne was the killer. Once everyone saw the truth, the Phesolyne rejected it, and tried to substitute it with something else. The logical half of the brain refuses this, and your head becomes a war zone. This is why it is the perfect weapon. You can teach a dog to sit by saying 'sit' and beating it if it does not. Phesolyne allowed this to be done with humans."

"The Phesolyne bite…" Orius commented without knowing.

"Ah, young Orius, I did not see you there."

Slyph continued, speaking through clenched teeth, "A wild infectious disease spreads in our streets!"

"Virus E, I know. It's not actually a virus at all, just and overdose of Phesolyne. Citizens usually breathe it in, it should remain in a gas state. The Verein have found some way to liquefy it, causing the injected to get overdosed on it and-"

"People with the disease are going insane! Did you plan this!? Is this all part of it!?"

"The Verein are afraid of the infected, and treat them rather harshly. Once infected for a set amount of time, you become a beast, they have to restrain you before that happens. They do this through sheer force. The hatred from the infected comes from that force, and is now used against the Verein."

Orius spoke up again, "There are hundreds of infected out there. I've seen hat happens when they turn and when they all do…"

"…this terrible city will be brought to an end breeded by it's hatred of itself," Virgil finished off.

Slyph spoke up, "Then everyone is going to die! You're mad!"

"Orius has yet a part to play, my son. Why do you think I gave him such an important role in the beginning? He is easy to read, I needed someone who I knew would not betray me."

"Like I'm about to," Slyph positioned his pistol at Virgil's head.

"Wait," Virgil calmly said, "let Orius do it."

Slyph looked at the weapon, and then at Orius. He hesitated for a moment, but grabbed a hold of the barrel giving the handle to Orius. Slowly, he reached out for the gun, and placed it on the forehead of Virgil.

The man that he had once feared, admired, and now loathed all stood before him. He was nothing more than a pitiful old man, who looked nothing more than a beggar. This was the great evil that Slyph sees? This is the knifing rogue as viewed from the Verein? No, this was nothing more than an old man.

There was a loud crash outside.

"The Verein! They must be doing a sweep! Hurry up Orius!"

Orius could not move. he did not see anything in this man.

"I choose," Orius said, "not to act."

A smile grew on Virgil's lips. Slyph forcefully grabbed the weapon from Orius and remarked to Virgil.

"Any last words?"

"Virgil shut his eyes, "They kingdom come, they will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

Slyph fired the gun, and Virgil hit the ground. Verein troops entered the building. Neither Slyph nor Orius turned to look at them. They did not struggle when the Verein grabbed hold of them. They did not talk as they felt a needle enter their neck. And they held back their tears as they were both loaded into a truck, with Virgil's body slowly fading in the distance.