They gave
Their word, avowed to one another,
And never did either at the time
Suspect deception in the other,
In the future that they shared.

They gave
Their time, at work and play,
To thoughts of when they might
Next reunite. Sleeping or awake,
Golden bands they proudly bared.

They gave
Their always and greatest devotion
To one another's greatest joy,
Soothing the wayward emotion
That sometimes flickered into view.

They gave
Less than they knew they should,
Eventually. And enjoyed
What Ifs of others that they could
Have wed instead. And they both knew.

They gave
So little that they passed no words,
No looks, but dirty glances,
Now suspecting. At night, curled
They were in separate beds.

They gave
Their contact information
To strangers that they used to pass.
And then gave their passion,
Once only given to those they'd wed.

They gave
Scathing and furious remarks
To fault the other for what they'd lost.
To consider reparation -- it was too hard.
They didn't want to give enough.

They gave
Their promises no more thought
And let die every flutter that once
Lit their hearts. But now sought
Nothing. The effort would be too much.

They gave