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all. night. long.

because he's not with you all night, every night, and dammit you want to change that.

(two boys who are balancing on the edge of something new, and all will be well if it ends well.)


"And over here is the pavilion, as you can probably tell..what with the music and the people at the tables and whatnot." Kellan's voice is expressive and mock-professional, and he looks back at me as he gestures toward a large, open-sided building that looks to me like a tent with a concrete roof. There are people dancing under colored lights and tables illuminated sickly yellow-white stand at the opposite end of the pavilion, people sitting around and talking and laughing.

"Yeah," I say, a little late for observing the scenery. But Kellan doesn't comment, only smiling in that way that makes me blush. I really hope he can't see it, but with my luck it's probably incredibly obvious. "It's, ah...big."

"You know what else is big?" Kellan asks, looking adorably excited. Of course the dirty part of my mind jumps in with 'I definitely know what else is big' and I flush, shaking it off.

"W-What else?" I say, trying not to think bad thoughts even though I'm sure they would be pretty nice–stop, brain. Stop.

"A ferris wheel!" He exclaims, childishly elated, and I smile. "D'you wanna ride one?"

"Sure," I say, and let Kellan pull me in the direction of the giant, lit-up wheel, towering above the other attractions. Colored bulbs douse the metal structure in a myriad of pinks, greens, and blues, the edges sparkling red and white and yellow. I smile; it's been so long since I last rode a ferris wheel. I've always loved them, the breeze, the sights, just being able to watch the world go by underneath you.

"See, since I work here–" Kellan chances a glance behind us as we approach the back side of the ferris wheel, clear dark dark green-gold eyes looking over my shoulder. "–I don't exactly have to wait in line. And you're with me, so neither do you."

"Okay," I say, watching as Kellan jumps a little and hoists himself up onto the platform, ignoring the set of stairs not too far away. He pulls himself up with more grace than seemed possible, bending briefly at the hip to pull himself up. And the dirty part of my brain is drooling.

Actually, I may be drooling too.

Let me just say that, ah...the view from down here is definitely not so bad.

Stop, brain. Stop.

"Come here," Kellan orders quietly, kneeling and extending his arms over the edge of the platform. I briefly consider taking the stairs, but then I realize this gives me a chance to touch him again and decide, to hell with the stairs. But I don't know if he can pull me up; those slender arms don't look as if they can support my weight.

"Are you sure you can lift me up?" I say dubiously, raising an eyebrow. Kellan just laughs, eyes sparkling, that beautiful, self-assured smile obliterating any doubts I may have had. My breath catches in my throat and I'm temporarily stunned by him.

"Claro que si," Kellan says, beckoning to me. "Now come here."

The authority in his tone sends a chill down my spine and I step forward, extending my arms questioningly. Kellan takes both of my hands in his and I could swear my brain shut down for a second; his fingers, stronger than I'd realized, grip my own and before I can comprehend what we're doing he pulls me up and over the side.

I lose my balance, though, and tumble forward; go figure.

And now I'm semi-straddling him. Again, go figure.

His hands are on my hips, steadying me, and it's a good thing he is because my legs are jello right now and I think I would've completely collapsed on him otherwise. Kellan doesn't look freaked out at all; just beautiful, eyes almost crossed to look up at me, a half-smile gracing his lips.

I freeze for a moment, oh-so-tempted to close that infernal gap between us an press my mouth to his; but I've got no idea of the reception that would garner and I don't want to screw this up–whatever it is.

Then my mind kicks into action and I spring to my feet, blushing bright red. "Sorry," I say, wincing a bit. I thrust my hand out and pull Kellan to his feet, relishing that brief contact. "I'm–I mean, I've got no coordination whatsoever."

"It's alright," Kellan replies, smiling, and I'm at a loss for words. Thankfully he continues, glancing up at the ferris wheel. "Now we go get our seats."

"Okay," I say softly, allowing him to lead me around the wheel turning steadily in the center of the platform. Kellan taps the operator on the shoulder, offering up a smile when the girl nods at him. With some irrational sense of satisfaction, I notice it's not the same smile he gives me; not as warm, as meaningful. Take that, woman.

"Hey, Kellan," the girl says, looking over at me. "Who's this?"

"This," Kellan says almost grandly, taking my hand and pulling me out from behind him, "is Emmett. He's never been to the fair before, so I'm showing him around. I figured we'd start here."

"Sounds like fun," the girl says, stopping the wheel. A couple leaves their..bucket...seat-looking thing and the girl waves Kellan and I toward it. "Have fun, you two."

"Thanks," Kellan says, and I smile at her as Kellan tows me into the..God, I don't even know what it is–and sits me down.

"So you work here?" I say, stating the obvious. Kellan smiles and nods, not commenting on the redundancy of that statement.

"Yeah. Every summer for three years now, I think, maybe longer. It's a lot of fun, actually, more than it seems."

"Well, it does seem like fun," I say, standing and looking around. We're barely even off the ground yet, a few feet above the platform we'd climbed up originally. "I mean, it's actually really pretty with the lights and all."

"Yeah, the sights are something else," Kellan murmurs and I barely catch it. He's looking at me when I look back, and there's something burning in his gaze.

"Kellan..." his name slips through my lips and I'm frozen again, our eyes connected.

Was he talking about me?

God, I really wanted to kiss him.

And I could, if I wanted.

We were higher up in the air now, and the booth swayed as I stepped forward, away from my seat. Kellan stayed put, inclining his head as I came closer.

I could. I could kiss him. Even though I'd just met him I felt as if I'd known him, before tonight. Like I'd had a chance to do this before, and there was a connection between us that I could feel. Something in his face tells me he wouldn't protest if I decided to kiss him.

And if he doesn't like it? The rational part of my mind whispers. What if he doesn't like you like that?

Well, then that's too damn bad for him. A new resolve streaked through me and I stepped forward again.

I'd been staring at that mouth (full, pretty, slightly-parted) for far too long not to do anything.

"Emmett..." My name leaves Kellan's mouth in an anticipatory breath and I smile down at him. His impossibly dark chartreuse-amber eyes are gazing up at me, expectant, almost pleading, strands of dark hair curling around his face, the slightest hint of a blush dusting his cheeks.

"Kellan." I say firmly, softly, and lean down to press my mouth to his.

Oh, my God.



I don't care that they just met, because in my head they've already progressed past this. Hopefully this doesn't seem too fast-paced, but I'm satisfied with it for now.