I love that you said "I love you" this morning

How you whispered it in my ear

It was so perfect.

Then we walked outside and

Everything was bright and beautiful.

We smiled at homeless people

And they smiled back

And said "God bless you, child"

I like that

Even though I don't believe in God.

We hold hands.

It feels silly and childish,

But there it is.

And people look at us with accusing eyes

I can tell they're thinking "faggots."

But today I don't even care.

They can think what they want

We're in love and it's beautiful.

Ridiculously, impossibly

With all our stupid flaws

And fights at 2 am.

It's worth it,

For times like this

Moments so bright

That you can't look at them directly

Without going blind.

I want to hold on to this feeling forever.