Crack out the weed
Take out the pot
Watch them get stoned
Watch them get stoned

Play some music
good beats to dance to
silence to think to
Put those earphones on
Crank up the volume
Hold your iPod close
and watch yourself get stoned.

Type out an email
Hand the report in
Grab coffee from Starbucks
Get in your cat and
Stop at the red light
There goes that man
with the shopping cart and cardboard
Drive away fast, keep your money
to buy some drugs and
watch yourself get stoned

Sit at the bus stop
Don't listen to him speaking
Talk with your cell
Text "where r u"
to the ghost on the other end
(off somewhere getting stoned)

Welcome to your 200 deductible!
Welcome to your Lexus cage
Welcome to silent journalism
Take your money, go get weed
When nothing's on TV, go get stoned.

Turn on the TV
Fox lies and CNN is shit
Watch blond chicks bitch
"I'm addicted to The Hills
Heard they were on the cover of
Rolling Stone this week, right?
Saw their picture on Yahoo
Looked pretty fake to me
I bought the issue immediately
And used it to get stoned."

That black guy there can't speak
That rich blond woman can't listen
That eight-year-old girl can't think
That teenage boy can't breathe.
But they're relishing this silence
The silence the world's fallen into
And use the silence to drown themselves
Use it to get stoned.

A/N: Some of the lines in this poem are actual phrases the man said. I can't believe that I remember them. He was a poor man, an old man, almost disillusioned. And this put meaning to the lines by the Simon and Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence":
And the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls
Kind of shows that this sort of escape from reality, this unconscious way of living isn't really a new thing. And with the luxuries we worked so hard to get, it's easy to forget why we even needed them in the first place. Just something to think on.