Spaghetti spilling on the street

Spill your heart out to me

I'll be your secret-keeper

Your advice-giver

Sipping caffeinated drinks

Telling me everything shocking

Letting me drink, never talking

I'll listen as closely as I can.

Give me more than I can handle

I'll just nod and smile, smile and nod.

We both know that you sound odd

But tell me more.

Heart transplants and unexpected surgeries

Cut throat gossip that no one else knows

I can't help, but I'll listen.

Peal off the skin to reveal something more

I never knew that I never knew you

Now I know that I know you at least

Better than ever before.

It's like character analysis

Something from a book, but real

A microscope, looking into your head

Life is better than anything I've ever read.