Good day!¡Buonas díaz! Bom dia! Guten Tag! This is a collaboration of the last three stories that came to me. I think they sound nice together but still you get to decide whether it's good or not. I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading. Please don't leave without submitting a review. I'm hungry for them. Any kind of comment is welcome. (sorry if I sound desperate cause I am desperate:-) God bless..

The company of a few loyal friends,

a caring aunt and the serenity of life

in the English countryside of Surrey,

life can never be more perfect for Nancy.

But what if the spread of a

rumor of a mother's treachery

cause a hurting friend and an unexpected entrance

of a strange boy turn her blithe life upside down?

And as if her problems

are not enough, she found herself

struggling to stop a painful past

in creeping back and invading her life.

She's soon bound to discover

the true meaning of life

− through the pages of a journal.

..Laus Deo..