The terminal at Glasgow Airport was bustling with travelers, one of which was Victor Hughes. Standing in the long line waiting to check-in his mobile phone rang. As he pulled the phone out of his pocket a surge of pain jolted through his body, it passed almost instantly, so he flipped the phone open and held it to his ear.

"Please help me!" a terrified voice cried out on the phone, and then the call was ended.

"Maria." Victor muttered to himself, he started running out of the terminal, pushing people out of his way, determined to see if his girlfriend was okay. In the rush of it all he left behind his luggage which included all of his money and his passport.

In the car he sped backwards and nearly took out the taillight of a Ford Laser, he hit accelerate and drove out of the airport parking lot. Out on the main road he couldn't help but floor it the whole way. Living not too far away from the airport was an advantage in this situation. Victor pulled up in the driveway messily and ran out of the car into the house. No-one home, silence, nothing, but wait. Victor sees a note on the kitchen table; he picks it up and reads it to himself.

"We have your girlfriend, come to the address or she dies" an address was scrawled below the text, and without a second thought Victor took the note and jumped in the car.

Along the way he contemplated the fate of his girlfriend and what would happen if he just alerted the police. Then he thought just to go along with it, he would never gamble with Maria's life. The house was nearby; he had just turned onto the street when he noticed a yellow car had been following him here. Victor turned into the house's driveway and got out of the car. The yellow car pulled up behind him and a tall middle-aged Englishman got out of the car.

"Very good Victor," said the man, "Now step inside." Victor noticed the man caressing a gun in his jacket pocket. Victor complied with the man's orders.

Inside the house was very clean, not a hair was out of order. Then two men strode into the room holding Maria. She was unconscious and had a sock in her mouth with tape around her head. The Englishman walked in.

"Now Victor," he said eyeing Victor then glancing at Maria, "I have a job for you."

"What kind of job?" asked Victor, in his mind knowing that he would probably be dead by the end of all this.

"I need you to help my friends setup an attack on Glasgow Airport," The Englishman informed Victor with a flat tone in his voice. He handed Victor a mobile phone.

"Now take this, we will call you with instructions, but first I want you to go rent a car, a big car like a jeep or something."

"What are you going to do with Maria?" asked Victor aggressively.

"Well nothing really," replied the Englishman, "Unless you fail to do as I say." He pulled a switchblade from his pocket and held it at Maria's throat. Victor went to make a move but the two Asian men holding Maria dropped her and pulled guns from their pockets and aimed them at Victor.

"Hey!" Victor exclaimed, "Just calm down boys." He walked out of the house and into his car, veering around the yellow car as he reversed onto the street.

This was big; this was some really deep trouble. This wasn't your average trouble the he was in; this was big trouble, like Government big. But what could he do? His girlfriend's life was on the line here, and he couldn't risk it. He drove into the nearest rental car dealer and got a Jeep Cherokee. He waited outside the dealer for the Englishman to call. A few moments passed and the call came.

"Alright I got the car what now?" asked Victor as he anxiously waited to see Maria.

"Take it to the following address then await another call." The Englishman gave Victor the address then hung up.

Victor promptly followed the address to a warehouse, he drove into it and he saw a small Asian man sitting on some boxes. He got down and walked over to Victor.

"Help me put these boxes in here," the small man said, "Come on then." Victor got out the car and helped him load it up. Inside the boxes were bottles of petrol, gas cylinders and nails. Victor couldn't believe he was doing this, but he couldn't let Maria die.

"There you go." The Asian man said. Victor nodded then drove outside and parked in an alleyway. Then the phone rang and he picked up.

"Okay now what?" Victor said with fear in his voice.

"Just bring it back to the house and you can have Maria." He hung up abruptly. Victor sighed with relief then drove back to the house as fast as he could without attracting the attention of the police.

He sped up the driveway and ran inside the house, threw the Englishman the keys to the jeep and ran to Maria who was sitting on the couch. The two Asian men nodded at the Englishman and headed for the car. The Englishman turned to the couple sitting on the couch embracing one another in a fearful grasp.

"Thanks for the help Victor," the man said fiddling around in his jacket pocket. "But this really can't get out." He pulled a pistol out of his jacket and shot Victor in the head.

A grotesque scream could be heard from every part of the house, then a second gunshot, then silence…

The Englishman walked out of the house and waved to the two Asian men that drove off in the jeep Cherokee heading for Glasgow Airport. He stood their and he laughed, he laughed like Hitler shortly after the Holocaust. Then he turned around he went back inside, almost as if he was hovering. Inside the house he took the pistol and aimed the barrel at his temple and spoke his last words, "Wait is this loaded-." BLAM!

Yes it was loaded, but the hair-trigger set off just as he touched it.

The two Asian men were in the jeep hurling it around the streets of Scotland with the airport nearing ever so closer. They screamed and laughed and joked in their own language. They were gonna take out the terminal full of people and themselves, but it would be worth it in the end. The roof of the terminal came in sight and sped up to 180kmph as the passenger leaned out the window yelling at a bus. Now the doors of the terminal came into their view so they hammered the jeep down the street as it went over a bump and the bottom caught alight. Here was the end, for them and the terminal full of people. Then it came, the unbearable sound, of metal on metal and then…

Slam! As the front bumper hit the terminal doors the car halted and it set alight from the leaking fuel tank. What went wrong? The explosives didn't detonate, and they were leaking fuel? One man ran out of the car covered in flames, while the other tried to make a run for it but was tackled to the ground. The man on fire burned alive, and the driver was arrested. The police searched the car and found the reason why nothing happened. The explosives had been soaked with copious amounts of water; nothing was going to spark here. The police evacuated the terminal and emptied the car of its contents. Victor had done it, he saved everyone, and he would be forever the Unknown Hero that saved Glasgow Airport…

…also that day every single flight was delayed.