We had to do an inspiration journal for class. I forgot and wrote this in about an hour. Probably would've finished earlier, but Spider Solitaire happens.

Qzie's Disturbingly Creative Mind: The Inspiration Journal

Warning. Writer thinks faster than others can keep up with when given a computer. This is very likely to be confusing. Thank you and enjoy your voyage.

Day One. So apparently we're supposed to be doing some sort of inspirational journal, and seeing as I have (quite foolishly) lost the syllabus, I'm going to have to make it up as I go along. I had this story idea about something big happening, like a war or something, but that's where I get a little sketchy on the details. Oh well.

Day Two. Already dropped a class… :D Albeit, it was canceled.

Day Three. Watched my favorite Scrubs episode and got this idea for a new character. Oh happy day.

Day Four. Went to the neurologist's. Usual testing. Not very inspirational.

Day Five. Yay for Fridays, and double-yay for no CLASSES! Woot. Running with my war story, I think it should be in the late 90's or later. And involve the character Death. Yes…

Day Six. Far too tired to write today. Fare thee well.

Day Seven. I like Sundays, but I don't like snow. Oooh, I know. A story about faith and it's sunny there… Abandoning it until I finish both my homework and Fine Line.

Day Eight. Monday again. Oh well. Now the poemtry's infected me with a bad case of writer's block.

Day Nine. First day of Am. Gov. and wouldn't ya know it, there was a quiz. Had to guess. Working adamantly on Fine Line because it's at one of my favorite parts… joyness.

Day Ten. Wed-nes-daaaaaay… more poems… sigh… taking inspiration from The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey(love).

Day Eleven. I really rather like Am. Gov. The teacher's funny.

Day Twelve. I haven't really been writing down things that inspire me… oh well. I don't really get "inspired" very easily… I just wake up with the most random thoughts… and songs in my head…

Day Thirteen.

Day Fourteen.

Day Fifteen.

Day Sixteen. (Oops) I keep having these random thoughts about the Founding Fathers in Puff form playing video games… Now I want to draw it… or write a oneshot… someday.

Day Seventeen. I don't like math. I hate math. I am the anti-math. On to writing. I'm in a rather sadistic mood… Muhaha.

Day Eighteen.

Day Nineteen.

Day Something. I'll admit it. I lost track of time. Insert little white flag here. Counting down the days until my birthday, and counting down the chapters until I'm done with Fine Line. Very excited with the stories, and as a side note, I really quite like the idea for my first person story, even if I hate writing in first person.

Day Something plus one. Quote George. "Guys are like pop cans. Shake them up and they'll explode." Worked on a list of things to fix in me and my friends' collaboration project at the chili supper. We got a lot of work to do and we're replacing our alien invasion story with a WW3 story. Oh. Oh my… (gasp) ARMAGEDDON! (Is it annoying you how I leave things so vague?)

Day something plus two. Snape… Snape… Severus Snape… Snape… Snape… Severus Snape… Dumbledore!… Snape… Snape… It's stuck in my head! Ha… musical…

Day something plus three. Oooh. Little kid story. Must. Write.

Day something plus nine jillion. OK, so maybe not nine jillion. I finished my story! And now I got Duct Tape! Happy happy joy joy…

Day something plus nine jillion plus one and three quarters. I want to write a cliché… but not a cliché… sigh

Day something plus 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 plus 2 ¾ plus ½. I have no idea if that's the numeric version for nine jillion, but oh well. Almost done! Aaaaaaaand spy has a donut. (Gasps) Heeeeeeey…

Day something plus nine jillion plus 3¼ plus ¾. Rereading the Chronicles of Narnia and getting so very many ideas, like secret passageways, but not to secret worlds… just… eh, work it out later.

Day something plus nine jillion plus 453915926 to the power of x divided by zero. AAAAAAAAAGH, BLACK HOLE! …Never divide by zero. I'm probably going to get a bad grade on this…

Day something plus infinity to the 303030303rd power divided by zero to the zero-eth power: That's still infinity… no black hole because anything to the zero-eth power is one… anyways… had this great idea because of this car/homes commercial because none of those cars or homes look safe, so I had this idea about a ghost car because my dad said some of those cars had blood stains, so it'd be like… a Bug because Bugs are the cutest cars ever (objectively speaking ) and the irony would be magnificent… like… a bright yellow Bug with daisies painted on it… haha…

Day something divided by 930+2418 to the eleventy-first power: I'm getting rather fond of those strange numbers… anyways. Had an idea at college and career group because I was listening to George and Bruce and Billy talking about the concept of infinity and then George started talking about how we can't wrap our minds around the concept of no time… at all… That would probably be a very, very, very difficult story. Then we got onto the subject of Hebrews and how no one knows for sure who wrote it, so then I got an idea about an anonymous writer…

Day Last minus –2 plus –3 (that is to say, L + 2 – 3 L-1): Well, finishing up with the final edits and prints. Went out for a walk with my sister and I think I got another playground story spinning around my head. Like, a playground near a war memorial… because the playground we went to was a church playground and there's a war memorial there… Well, that's all I got to say. Godspeed and fare thee well.

Chat later.


AKA Carissa, who really likes the confusing numbers. Cheerio.

I got a 4.0! Nothing but a miracle.

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