Chapter 1: The Amulet

"Bye guys!" I called to my friends once we were out of school. "I'll see y'all tomorrow." They waved bye and turned to walk to their own houses. I set course for mine. Today was horrible. I was almost grateful to have a chance to go home. I could sort out my thoughts there.

Today, I failed a test in Biology and another one in Geography. My girlfriend broke up with me. And, to finish it off, I got detention! It had to be the worst day ever. I sighed and took the long way to go home, I wasn't ready to face my parents yet. No doubt they already knew about the events of today.

The street was packed with cars, their beeping disrupted my thoughts. I kicked some water at one of the passing cars. Bad idea. The black car stopped on the edge of the road. I sped away as soon as I figured out what he was doing.

"Get back here, kid!" The man yelled angrily. I snuck a look behind my shoulder. The middle aged man held a taser in his hands. I froze on the spot. "Get back over here now, kid, I'll shoot!" His hands trembled with anger. Reluctantly, I obeyed. He stared at me the entire way.

"Yes, sir?" I asked warily. He walked over so he was standing across from me on the sidewalk. He wore a tan trench coat and hat. He grinned evilly.

"If I ever see you kick water on a car on purpose again, I'll send you to the police. You hear me boy?" He said, anger filtered through his voice. Behind it though, there was something else. It sounded likeā€¦relief.

"I hear you, I'll never do it again." My response sounded rehearsed. He smirked.

"Good." He walked back to the driver's seat of his car. Suddenly, I noticed something shiny on the ground. I picked it up carefully. It looked like some weird kind of amulet. I stared at it intently, then remembered the man.

"Hey, Mr.! Did you-" He was already gone. I shrugged it off and decided to keep the gold amulet. I got it out of my pocket to look at it again. It had a picture of a dragon breathing fire on it. The outline looked very precise, like it had been made by a steady hand. It seemed quite valuable.

As I held it in my hand, it shocked my palm. I flinched and it shocked me again. It continued to shock me as I ran home at full speed. I clenched my teeth tightly from the pain. I threw open the front door of my apartment and dashed past my parents to my room.

"I'll be in my room!" I said as I passed them. They backed away rapidly to make way for me. I ran into my room and pulled the door shut behind me, locking it. The shocking felt like fire now. I barely kept from screaming. I curled into a ball on my bed and tried to get the amulet out of my hand.

When I looked, it was gone. My palm was glowing red where it had been a moment ago. I scratched at the spot, but it only hurt more. My parents hit the door, trying to get in. Soon, my whole body was covered in tiny convulsions. My entire hand glowed red.

The glowing became overpowering and I felt my hand changing. It felt bigger now, and stronger. The glowing stopped abruptly and passed on to my arm. I finally got a chance to look at the change.

"Jesse, are you okay?" I heard my mom yell from beyond the door. It distracted me for a moment, when I looked back, my arm was changed too. My hand was now green, and ended with five, black sharp claws. It was covered with scales, too. The green scales traveled up my arm. It was bulging with muscles.

As I studied these things, a red flash, burning like fire, surrounded me. All the pain stopped as quickly as it came. I got out of the bed, confused by my new appearance. My other arm was exactly the same as the first. My body was slender and rough. My feet were clawed and my legs had enough strength in them to destroy a tank. My stomach was a pale yellow and the rest of my body was green. My neck was long and serpentine and my face felt very lizard-like.

The most surprising changes had to be the long tail and the wings. The green tail was long and ended with a feather-like appendage. My wings were huge, but they could still fold against my body. The entire wingspread was at least the width of my bedroom. I tried pumping them a few times, it caused a huge wind to rush the things in front of me to my wall.

I finally figured out what I had become. I was a mythical dragon. Only it wasn't mythical, I was living proof of their existence. My mom's voice echoed behind the door again.

"Jesse! Open this door, you're making me worried." She called desperately. "I'll break in if you don't!" I needed to change back, and fast. I pictured myself in my head as a human. The read glow immediately surrounded meagain. In a brief second, I was human again.

Gratefully, I ran to the door and opened it. "I'm okay, mom." I said once she saw me.

"What happened?" She sounded worried. She grabbed me in a bear hug.

"Nothing, I just, er, tripped." The explanation seemed to work because she nodded her head and let me go.

"You know, you're still in trouble though, right?" She sounded angry now.

"Yes, I know."

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