Notes: The Anti-Boredom

Mistakes and all. :)


Freshmen year. Tia and Carissa have way too much time on their hands.

(There's a drawing of an orange alien with squinty eyes, curly hair, a moustache, a very strange outfit, oddly shaped arms, and a tail that looks like a hand. He's giving the peace sign. There are music notes surrounding him)

Upper left-hand corner: Tia: …like it's 1999…

Upper right-hand corner: Tia: "I smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly."

Lower left-hand corner: Carissa: The Veggies say:

"Oh he needs to tell you somethin!

'I don't got a bellybutton!'"

Lower right-hand corner: Carissa: Don't worry

Be happy!

--Yeah. WAY too much time on our hands.--

Freshmen year. Carissa and Tawny are in Algebra, not doing the work, and discussing the Foosball Olympics at youth group.

Tawny: Oh in gym, S claims that he owns my soul, but he doesn't.

Carissa: (Evil smilie here) Oh, reeeaallly?

Tawny: what?! Just cause of that means nothing!

Carissa: joking…

(Tawny describes her class ring, which she never got)

Carissa: Mm. Tonight- You, me, FOOSBALL!

Tawny: bring it on!


Tawny: The gods are on my side! (Joking!)

Carissa: yeah, obviously…


(big gigantic lettering here) BOO-YA!

Tawny: foosball? o-k-a-y! I'm depressed, don't know


Tawny (you're going to love this): your doom thy waits, dear, dear Carissa

Carissa: Where, because it couldn't POSSIBLY be at foosball!

--aren't I sensitive?

Junior year. Tia and Carissa are very bored in English class and just turned in a paper and a quiz in which the two girls managed to write about cults.

Carissa: I wrote at the end:

"As a final note, I am really quite satisfied with this."

Tia: she's gonna think you're nuts!

Carissa: she already does, Tia.

Tia: I really don't want to do my work there's like a million boring poems!

Carissa: it's the end of the year.

My quiz is at the top

Tia: YEAH- my pencil was made in Sakura, Japan- see!

Carissa: …what?

I can't see the page! and did you do the cult thing?

Tia: yes. (boring homework assignment pages here)

Carissa: I did a cult answer, too, something about monkey-worshippers…

Tia: I did the bonfire!

Carissa: …we have to tell her after class

Tia: K

(Drawing of a very bored Carissa here)

Caption: Somewhere out there… someone is being bored to death, too.

(This is going to sound familiar…)

Carissa: hey, how d'you s'pose you'd (yes! 3 apostrophes in a row!) go about hooking two people up?

Tia: what do u mean? who?

Carissa: I can't say… I'd tell you in a heartbeat, but I promised otherwise… well, if they happen to be in speech next hour, and they also happen to be on "amiable terms," how do you get them together?

--cough, TAWNY AND ARNOLD, cough--

Unknown- Just one sentence.

Carissa: I'm not going to do that.


Junior year. Tia, Carissa, and Winnie are bored and feeling verbally abusive.

Carissa: Alejandro thought the Twizzler Plan was funny

Winnie: U R A LOSER!

Carissa: Why??

Winnie: Because u just r hahaha (J/K)

Carissa: and moe is still an idiot

Tia: I agree! Twice! Trice!

Carissa: yes…


--we're so mean. I started laughing at "Alejandro" and started to wish I actually knew someone with that name—

No idea when. Doodle and Carissa quotes.

Doodle: you had a look and it was a aww isn't that cute look and you thought that you could get away with it

Carissa quoting Doodle: "Do you just let me talk to see what comes out?" –Doodle

Doodle: Am I being quoted on that?

(And the most confusing quote…)

Carissa: "Pencil."



Tia and Carissa are talking about prom.

Tia: now promise me u'll let me put makeup on u!

Carissa: I promise…

Tia: YEAH!!

Carissa: hey, wait a minute… are you going with anyone?

Tia: no :(

Carissa: ooh, don't let moe know. we'll try to find you someone… (idea) do you know if elliot smithsonian's going with anyone? I forget if he's taken or not

(don't you love my spur-of-the-moment names? "Elliot Smithsonian…")

Tia: It's OK I'm fine. You should tell Moe it would be funny, then I'll say no!

Carissa: That's mean.

Tia: It's not my fault he's unattractive!

Carissa: (rolls eyes, amazed at "K"'s shallowness)

("K" is a nickname, like Qzie for me)

Tia: I can't help it, I only find men that are extremely handsome worthy of my attention (aka pretty boys)

Carissa: take a look at what you just wrote.

Tia: so when I get married and my husband gets like 40 yrs old I'll divorce him for a hotter, younger man!

Carissa: "Love built on beauty, as soon as beauty, dies."

Tia: that's the truth!

Carissa: oh Lord, what are we going to do with you, Tia.

Tia: giggles- unattractive men (equal sign) friends

beauties (equal sign) worthy of "K"

--What can I say, she's one of my best friends!

Another incident where Carissa and Tia aren't paying attention in English.

Carissa: I can't feel my foot.

Sooo… how do you think she'll take that one? (referring to an in-class assignment, presumably)

Tia: she'll like it.

Carissa: (snickers) I've been trying to find a limit all year.

Tia: Ha! I have 2 do my speech!

Carissa: on harry potter. (little drawing of HP saying "Expelliarmus!")

Tia: I'm going to say…

Wingardium leviosa!

Carissa: you're hilarious, "K"

we might do a speech on what superpowers we would have… (evil smilie)

Tia: yay!

Carissa: what would you do? I'd control water and turn invisible… :)

Tia: turn into animals!

Carissa: oooh animagus or shapeshifter cool

doodleheimer's coming to our prom

Tia: awesome –w/ whom?

Carissa: uh… no one? I think?

Tia: odd, well whatever floats ur boat

Carissa: that was louder than intended. (Let your imagination fly)

not for her, it isn't odd

Tia: la la la la la

Carissa: she's wearing my dress!

Tia: how rude!

Carissa: no she always wears my clothes :)

I'm wearing my sister's dress

Tia: (great big smilie drawing)

Carissa: yes.

(boring parts about makeup)

Carissa: have you met before? I think you have… well, you're bound to still get along

Tia: We have like 10 times- geez!

Carissa: Oh… well, sorry, I'm heavily medicated!

Tia: ha, ha, me too! (silly looking smilie)

(We talk about our meds)

Carissa: no wonder we're so weird

Tia: yep- that sure is the reason!

--Tia and I have a lot of notes…--

Sometime, somewhere. Junior year. Copo is a character from a collaboration story that pairs up with "K."

Carissa: They were teasing me cuz I like Alejandro

Tia: whom?

Carissa: Tawny & Winnie, they're absolutely terrible

Tia: how cute! I luv Gameboy (horse)

I luv my copo!

Carissa: I'm sure you do…

English class is boring...

Thanks to IdeasInTheAir for the review. :)

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